There are a few different types of menu bars you can select from with the BlueVoda website builder when you create website. This tutorial explains how to insert a “Go Menu” using the website builder. The type of menu bar you select for your website is based on how you want your site to look aesthetically. Any one of the menu bar options in the website builder performs basically the same functions. You may create website that incorporates more than one menu bar type. For example, you may create website with a standard menu bar that links visitors to pages within your site and also a Go Menu to link your visitors to pages outside your website. Of course, both menu bar types can link to either type of page, but the website builder leaves purpose and design of each one completely up to you! The Go Menus appear smaller on your web page than basic menu bars, because they use a drop down format, so they take up less space and can be added discretely to a corner of your site to give your visitors quick access to key pages.

A Go Menu is inserted with the website builder in the same fashion as the others. Click on the Go Menu icon in the left side tool bar in the website builder. Your Go Menu will pop up in a box in your website builder. Double click on it and a Go Menu Properties window will open for you to tailor your menu as you like it. Click on “Add” to designate the first link. In the “Text” field, type in the title of the link as you would like it to appear to your visitors on your web page. Fill in the full url link. The website builder provides links to your Favorites in Internet Explorer or your own files for your convenience. The “Target” field is used to specify how you would like that new link to open. The website builder suggests “_blank” to open the link in a new window. Continue this process until you have entered all of your links in the Go Menu Properties window. The order of the links can be changed anytime in the website builder by sliding the names up or down to the desired position.

Again, when you create website, the type and number of menus you use is completely up to you and how you want to construct your site. It’s a good idea to browse through other websites before you create website and decide what menu type(s) would be utilized best. The BlueVoda website builder makes the process of create website easy, but if you are new to website building, it is especially wise to be acquainted with the trends and the strategies of your competitors before create website. Take a few extra minutes to explore their unique menu bar styles and links. This will give you more creative inspiration as you move forward to create website of your own.
Watch all the BlueVoda website builder tutorials to get a quick training on how to create website. All the help you need is right to create website is right at your finger tips!