The BlueVoda website builder comes equipped with every tool you need to create website on your own. Best of all, this website builder is free! You can download the software to your desktop and get right to work! Take the time to watch the helpful tutorials that are also free to you in the website builder. They will help you create website like a pro. Here is an example of just how easy the BlueVoda website builder makes it to create website. This brief tutorial describes how to lock and unlock elements using the website builder.

You will typically create website page by page in the website builder. You are able to insert various elements to you web pages including text and images. As you build your web pages in the website builder, the desired placement of your elements may change. The website builder allows you to drag and drop elements freely as you develop you pages to create website. However, once you have determined the best position for a particular element, you may want to lock that element in place so that it is not affected by any further additions or construction to the page. To lock your elements using the website builder, right click on the element and select “Lock” from the drop down menu. That’s it! You’ve secured your element properties and have frozen the element in its position. If you decide to go back and make some changes once again to that particular element, you can remove the lock using the website builder in the same way. Just right click on it, and select “Unlock” from the menu. Hmm, you were expecting something more complicated, right?

The BlueVoda website builder uses elementary steps like these to walk you through every aspect of website building to ensure its users can create website effortlessly. Start from the beginning. Download the BlueVoda website builder to your own computer and open the first tutorial. Continue viewing as many as you need. Within less than an hour you will be reassured that this website builder is the most straightforward and efficient way to create website. Always wanted to create website that utilizes impressive gimmicks like streaming video or flash media player? Check out tutorials 28 on using Flash and 29 on adding Movies. Preview the steps you will need to integrate these feature using the website builder and see how simple it is for yourself!

If you were convinced that you didn’t have the aptitude to create website on your own before, the time has come for you to realize your potential. This website builder is not another complicated program. Visit and to read testimonials of people just like you who have changed the way they think about create website. You can even browse through some of the sites that have been creates with BlueVoda. The BlueVoda website builder is challenging you join the other success stories and create website today.