If you need to create website for your business, you will need to think of your website as a business. You create website in the same way you would go about starting a business. You have to think about all of the elements that will need to be included, like content, images, media and logos. Before you set your fingers to work to create website, you must take all of those elements and determine the layout for your website. You should have a look at other websites and think about the best way to create website that is efficient and flows naturally to visitors. Pay attention to the media programs and basic protocols found on other sites.

You want to create website that catches attention, however, you want the pattern of the website to be somewhat familiar to the visitors, so they naturally feel comfortable getting around your site. Then it’s time to put the BlueVoda website builder to work. The website builder offers all the elements you will find on professional website, but you will be able to use them without having to understand any fancy html code. The website builder provides tools, like menu bars, logo maker, and templates for you to quickly put together an impressive website that acts just like your business.

The website builder is full of short tutorials that will explain how to activate and incorporate each tool and element. This tutorial is gives you instructions on creating a logo from scratch on your website. Just like you created for your business, you will need to create website with a logo. The website builder allows you to upload your business logo to your web page or you may want to create an alternate look. Either way, the website builder is ready to handle the work.

If you are ready to make your logo using the website builder, click on the Logo icon in the left hand tool bar. Drag and drop the logo box that appears on your page to the desired position. Double click on the box in the website builder to open the Logo Properties window. You can continue to create website with a new logo image in the website builder here.

Start by entering the name of your company or website in the “Logo Title” field. Now, select the shape of your logo form the drop down menu. Add your color. You can play with the color options that the website builder offers, including shadows, transparency, and using gradients. The border of your logo can also be custom designed in the same manner. Fill effects for your logo background include hatch patterns, gradient fills, texture effects. Once you have the shape and appearance you are satisfied with, close that window in the website builder. You may want to resize your logo on your web page. You can easily adjust the size by grabbing one of the external handles and expanding or contracting the logo image. If you are satisfied with the placement and size, you can use the website builder to lock the logo into place on your page, so it will not move around or be affected when you make further changes to additions to your page. Just right click and press lock.

With all the fonts, background and shape options that the website builder gives you to work with, you will enjoy the process of designing your own logo. In the same way you designed your logo, you can create website for your entire business. Compliment your business by create website with a unique style. Be sure to think your designs and website layout through before you start to create website. When you are ready to create website, download the BV website builder and watch it come together!