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Thread: Publishing your web pages on the internet with Bluevoda website builder

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    Post Publishing your web pages on the internet with Bluevoda website builder

    So you have downloaded BlueVoda to create website using the BV website builder and you have create website with all the content and features you need. Now, you are ready to publish your site live online. The website builder has a quick way to get your site live now! You will need to open an account with VodaHost webhosting before you begin this process. Vodahost will assign your website to a server and provide you with a server ID, user name and password. This information will come to you in a welcome email from VodaHost when you open the account. Save this information in a safe place. When you create website you will need to access this information regularly for publishing and billing.

    You are ready to publish your website when you have received this information and have created a website that you are ready for the world to see. Don’t worry, if you publish your website now and end up wanting to make changes later, the website builder will allow you to re publish your site as many times as you need. This means that not only can you create website with the BV website builder, but you can also make any updates to your site as often as you need all on your own!

    Use this website builder tutorial to demonstrate the steps you will take in publishing your website. You can access the Publish Web Page command through the main drop down menu under File. You will also find a shortcut to publish in the top tool bar of the website builder. The Publish Web Page window will appear on your page. You must use the drop down menu here to select the correct server ID that was assigned to you by VodaHost. You will also see the fields that require you to fill in your user name and password generated by VodaHost. The Folder field should always read public_html. When you create website with Bluevoda the files are automatically designated to be saved in this folder on the server. Under File, select All Files. This is referring to all the elements you have included on your web page. Don’t be confused and mistake it to mean that all your pages will be published now. Each website builder page must be published individually when you create website. They are not published as a group. They will be linked together to create website as a whole once they are filed in the server. However, you must publish each page separately. This will actually help you to save time when you create website in the case that you are making updates later to one page, you will not need to re-upload the entire website in order to display your changes.

    Also, be sure when you create website with the website builder that you followed the tutorials on how to name your pages. Your home or main page must be saved as “index” not “home.” The VodaHost server automatically searches for your index page. If one is not found, the web browser you are using will not be able to read your site. It will only post a list of pages. This is a common mistake by website builder users when they create website. Be sure not to overlook these instructions.

    Once you see that your site was published successful, you can go straight to your browser and search for your website online. Have a look at your first successful attempt to create website. You are now live! Anytime you need to make your changes, just return to your BV website builder, make your changes and republish the pages you need. It must feel great to see your hard work live!

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    Trouble Publishing? - Below are the possible reasons why......

    You don't have a VodaHost web hosting account. You need a VodaHost web hosting account and a domain
    name in order to publish your website on the internet. Click Here to create your VodaHost Account.

    2) If you do have a VodaHost account and you are having problems publishing this could only mean that your
    firewall is blocking and preventing BlueVoda from doing its job. Please momentarily disable any firewalls that
    you have on your computer or add BlueVoda to your safe programs list.

    3) Also please make sure that you are selecting the correct IP address from he drop down menu. If you do not
    see your IP address in the drop down menu, please upgrade to the latest version of BlueVoda.

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