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The BlueVoda website builder has made create website easier than ever before. If you can operate an MS Office program, you will be very comfortable with this website builder. In the case that you have never create website before, you will be glad to know that you are not alone and the BV website builder will show you how. Thousands of people have discovered the ease of using the BV website builder to create website. Professionals use it to create website fast for their clients. Mothers use it to create family photo albums. Teenagers use it to create website for their hobbies. Business owners use it to create website to reach a wider market.

The BlueVoda website builder is full of features, tools and applications that are designed to be user friendly. Just clicking on icons and dragging and dropping the elements on your web page you can create website in about an hour that includes every feature you ever wanted. Need to create website with streaming media? Need to create website with a shopping cart? Whatever you are looking for, the BV website builder will make the vision a reality using the quickest method possible. The website builder comes with video tutorials on each feature and tool offered in the website builder. They are short and easy to follow.

Here is an example of one tutorial that discusses how to preview and print your web pages. Once you have added elements to your page and want to see how they will appear outside the website builder on the internet, you can preview the page in your browser. To do this you can go to file in the main menu and slide down the menu to “Preview in Browser.” The website builder will automatically open a new browser window for you and your web page will appear as it would online. The Preview icon in the top tool bar is a short cut to this function. Under “File” in the main menu, you will also see “Print,” “Print Preview” and “Print Setup” options. Click on “Setup” to make sure your printer and margins and designated appropriately. Use the “Page Preview” to see how the printer will produce the page and finally “Print” when you are ready. There is also a “Print” icon provided as a shortcut in the website builder in the top tool bar.

You don’t need to have completed create website to preview your pages in the browser. The BlueVoda website builder lets you check your work as you go so that when you finally publish your pages live on the internet, you will know exactly how they will look. You can print out your web pages to make sure that your visitors will be able to print your whole site without having parts blanked out or cut off. Make sure your site look good on paper as well as online!

The website builder tutorial is about a minute and will take you through the steps one by one. Check out more website builder tutorials and learn how to create website on your own from scratch. You will be amazed at what you can do when you create website. How will you create website? What can create website do for you? Get started today!