I have always been fascinated by the internet. I mean thereís so much to learn and gain from surfing the net and visiting different websites. Not only are there websites providing information about whatís going on in the world, there are also many websites selling different products and services. To top it off, there are websites that can be used for sharing information between members.

While surfing the net, I found out that it is possible to earn quite a lot of money just by learning how to create website for others. However as I did not have any web design or programming knowledge, I just dropped the idea of even thinking of earning money by creating websites.

One day, I was surfing the net and I came across a great website builder called BlueVoda. I was really intrigued to read about this website builder. According to the description of the tool, it stated that anyone could use it to create website. The most interesting part of the description was that there was no need to know any HTML or programming language to use the software to create website.

The fact that really attracted me to the project was that the website builder was available for free! Yes, you do not need to pay for anything to download this terrific website builder and how learn how to create website. You only have to purchase the VodaHost web hosting plan to get your website online. So I wasted no time in downloading the tool, so that I could find out how I, a computer novice, could learn to create website by using it.

For one thing, I have to say that the website builder doesnít actually occupy much of your computer space once you download it. So I did not worry about the website builder using too much computer space to leave my son grumbling about insufficient memory space to download his favorite songs and music!

Once I downloaded the website builder, I just had to watch its many tutorials to find out how it is possible to create website with absolutely no programming language. I found out that it was really easy to use as it is all done by dragging and dropping the different elements on a page. In other words, I just had to decide where I actually wanted to place all the elements, drag them to the place and drop them there.

There is a huge collection of website templates for me to choose from, offered by the website builder, and used to create website of your dreams. Of course as I am a novice with computers, I did find some parts of using the website builder rather confusing. However I never did worry about this fact as the customer support for BlueVoda is terrific.

All I had to do was submit a ticket about using the website builder to create website, and within a few hours or a dayís time, Iíd have them all resolved. In addition to this, there is also a great forum where you can post any questions and doubts you have regarding using the website builder to create website, and other people who use the tool try to help you out.

The most fascinating thing was that I managed to create website within a few hours time! Though it was a bit amateur to look at, I was really proud of it as it was my first attempt to create website. I kept on publishing new pages and design started looking really professional and great to look at.

I have to mention, there is no limit to the number of pages you can create using the website builder. This means you can have a website with as many web pages in it as required. In addition to letting you create website with as many pages as required; you can use it to create as many websites as you want.

So once I was quite comfortable at using BlueVoda website builder to create website, I started a web design business. Since then, I havenít actually looked back and have created lots of websites for quite a few clients and customers.

So if you ask me, I have to say that this website builder is a really great tool to use to create website. You can use it to create website that is rich, live and dynamic from a blank workspace, from scratch. This is a website builder I would recommend to any amateur and professional web designer to use and to create as many websites as required.