Hi there! I am a single mother of two and own a small garment store that I inherited from my uncle. For some time now I had been losing customers and my business was suffering. One of the reasons was that I needed to keep up with the times and make myself available to my customers on the internet. But I had no experience whatsoever on how to create website on my own. At first I thought about hiring a professional website builder to do the job. But I was shocked after having a look at the fees charged! The website builder I asked for virtually knocked my socks off. Then I stumbled upon BlueVoda website builder. It was pretty exciting but I was a bit reserved at first. I had no prior experience in using a website builder and did not know how to create website and was a complete novice when it came to the internet itself. I could never imagine that there could be a magical website builder like BlueVoda that would do all the work for me. Nonetheless I decided to go forward with it. I was desperate to create website to turn my business around.

It was the best decision I had taken in a really long time. Not only did it allow me to create website easily on my own but it also had an active forum where users could speak with the customer support representatives regarding any problems that one might face. BlueVoda, website builder provided a range of tools and tips to create website. At first I decided to read through some of the video tutorials before I began to use the create website program. Strangely for someone who has no prior experience to create website they all seemed to be so easy. I do not even have the slightest idea of basic web languages such as HTML. The video tutorials were an enormous help. They gave step by step instructions to create website using BlueVoda, website builder. The actual software is terrific; just drag and drop the things you need and it will do all the coding on its own. In fact it was so easy to do I could experiment with the different templates available on the website builder as well. This allowed me to choose the best one to create website for myself.

The exclusive website builder BlueVoda helps us create website and has some great e-commerce tools as well as in the form of templates. This website builder allows people like me to create website for commercial purposes relatively quickly without any hassle. The free forms and templates go a long way and considerably lessen the amount of work one has to do to set up websites on their own. With the examples and free templates available I literally had a hard time choosing the one I wanted to create website. All of them seemed to be great and looked superb for my website design. At last I did narrow it down to the one I wanted and applied the setting to the website. You can use this website builder to create website in no time with the templates that you can customize to your liking. There is an extensive list of logos and background images available to help create website with style as well. In order to publish using BlueVoda website builder you have to host your site with VodaHost, which is great. This way you donít have to search endlessly for the right Hosting Company.

In any business it is essential to have an efficient support system. BlueVoda, website builder gives its esteemed customers a 24X7 support system. This makes sure that the users have someone to consult with if anything goes wrong. I used this facility extensively when I was going to create website online. I was at a loss to explain why my website was still not showing up online and so asked them for help. They were relatively quick to respond and my website was up online in no time. So all I had to do from time to time was to update the content on my website and display my newest designs for sale. It cannot get easier than this.

BlueVoda, website builder has completely changed the way I do business. It went from being on the verge of bankruptcy to be a profitable business within a month. My customers could not be happier as they can now place their orders from the comfort of their own homes. The best news is that I have been receiving new customers every day. The fact is now I have been thinking about expanding my business and hiring a few more people to help me at my store. In fact I have decided to even start selling accessories to go with the garments as well. A big thank you to BlueVoda, website builder that helped me save my business.