BlueVoda has tremendously helped me jump-start my dream business, an idea I almost gave up on because of financial constraints. Since I didn’t have enough savings and had very little time due to working odd jobs here and there, I did not believe my dream would ever come true. So when a friend of mine advised me to create website for my dream business instead of working at a brick and mortar store, I immediately jumped at the idea. Especially when he mentioned that I could have an online store without spending substantial amounts of money to create website with the help of this amazing software called BlueVoda website builder.

Come to think of it! The one thing that caught my attention about this website builder called, BlueVoda was the fact that this software is perfect for helping newbies create website. The minute he mentioned the word free website builder, I got excited, as I never knew of a tool that lets people create website for free. Thus, he immediately got my full attention. Take note, that very moment I was busy eating my lunch at another friends birthday party, so I was not 100 percent focused on the discussion until the magic word popped out.

It is no very easy to talk about business while at a bustling birthday party. Nevertheless, despite the mayhem surrounding me, I was able to hear the information about the software that easily helped me create website. When I began creating my website, all I had left in my bank account was $1000, so when my friend Mike introduced me to the BlueVoda website builder, I knew right then and there that it was still possible to materialize my dream business despite my present financial situation. The website builder, and now my savior, is absolutely free to download.

Take note, in the case that BlueVoda website builder was not free, there is no doubt that I would have paid for the service anyway since it is a great investment. Yes, the website builder is a good investment simply because the software is designed to help people like me create website even if they have no knowledge on website design and development. In fact, I feel like the website builder was especially created for me, a person without experience or HTML knowledge to create website.

BlueVoda is the best way to create website. You can build unlimited websites with this software. It is easy to use, because of the drag and drop features (which is the reason why there is no need of knowledge in HTML), and it is actually really fun to create website whether for personal or business purposes.
In addition, the pre-designed templates offered really help with the artistic side of your site. You can create unlimited pages to your site and the website builder just makes things so uncomplicated to create website. Once I was done building my site, I signed up with VodaHost to get my website live in seconds. The process is very easy thanks to the “One Click Publishing” of BlueVoda website builder. In order to publish using the BlueVoda website builder you have to host your site with VodaHost. This is great because the price for web hosting is only $7.95 per month!

I had so much fun creating my first website since there are thousands of logos, webpage backgrounds, templates, and website headers to choose from. The best part was that I was able to download images provided by the website builder within the image library without any problems and for free. Well, at first, I have encountered a few problems but after watching the video tutorials on how to create website using the website builder, everything was very clear.

The videos tackle every aspect of website building, even the publishing part. You just have to watch them all to understand the process to create website. In fact, you will no longer need to email the customer support team for assistance even if emailing your questions is just a click away, because of the step by step tutorials on how to create website. Looking at my website now, no one will guess that I did not hire a designer. The website is professional looking, functional, and perfect for my needs.

The few days I have spent working on my first website certainly paid off since everything I needed and wanted for my online business is in there. I am aware that I still have a long way to go before I achieve my goal, which is to have a successful online business. However, I also knew that because of my website and the website builder things will be different for me as I now have a chance to make my dream come true. I have since then decided to create website for my next project as well. BlueVoda website builder has helped me get started. I highly recommend this software to anyone who wishes to create website.