Hi, my name is Cathy, and I have been a BlueVoda website builder fan since I discovered this amazing software by accident. You see, I was looking for a tool that would let me create website for nothing, I mean for free as I had limited funds available. Therefore, my only option was to search for free software that would effectively help me create website for my virtual store. I design and sell handmade wallets, coin purses, bags, etc, a business that started just as a hobby but now a profitable home based business.

When my business was just 5 months old, I wanted to promote my products to the world, which is why I decided to create website to display my products. I know that showcasing my designed products could attract new customers to boost sales, and also avoid spending money on expensive advertising. With all these in mind, I started to contact professional website builder companies to create website but to my dismay the prices were way out of my budget. I had overwhelming feelings of frustration because every person I contacted kept charging me exorbitant fees. I almost gave up altogether after those few phone calls. However, out of the blue, a solution came to me in the form of BlueVoda website builder.

After reading all about this website builder I knew right away that I had come across something different, so I started researching the software in more depth. After all, I was desperate to create website to start my online business, and since BlueVoda website builder is free to download, I immediately took the chance. Fortunately, my initial instinct was right about the website builder. It was perfect for novices like myself and made it super easy to create website fast. I was shocked to realize that my website was finished published online a few seconds after I signed up with VodaHost for hosting.

The website builder is a terrific tool to create website with because there is no need to be an expert or even have basic knowledge on html language. The website builder is designed for people who are absolutely clueless. In addition, there really was no need to do much other than choose from the wide range of available templates to create website with a number of web pages, which I took advantage of as I have a lot of products to showcase.

My web design is unique thanks to the wide range of templates, website headers and logos in the image library. Basically, all I have to do is drag the website headers to the web pages Iím designing, then viola. Well, of course there is more to it than that, but after watching the video tutorials for the step by step procedure, everything is straight forward. I actually really enjoyed the designing process. In fact, I can proudly say that the website builder is a wonderful tool to create website because you can let your creativity flow freely by simply letting your imagination run wild. The result is a beautiful website in just 2 days.

Once I mastered the website builder, I started adding video and flash images to the website. The software allowed me to create website, and add a shopping cart that integrates with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and other payment options. Now, whenever I want to add something, I no longer worry since I have mastered the software.

By the way, because my whole family and lots of friends of mine were really impressed with my first website, I now create website for a small fee. I just loved using the website builder so much that I decided to create website for people. Whether a customer wants a homepage or an attractive multi page website, I gladly accept the challenge to create website for them because I know my website builder will not let me down.

One more thing about the website builder that I really like, besides the fact that I can add as many pages as I want when I create website, is that the software is free of Adware or Spyware. I remember a friend complaining about another website builder with spyware, so I told her to drop the software and just download BlueVoda website builder instead. It is 100 % clean and certainly easy to use. My websites are a testament that this software is not only suitable for anyone to create website but also totally user friendly and safe to use.