I own a small electronics shop. For quite some time now I wanted to venture onto the internet to sell my goods. My business had been suffering losses for the past few months and I wanted to try out a different platform to attract customers. This was easier said than done. I had no previous experience in any website builder software. At first I had decided to go the usual way and hire a professional website builder but the costs really set me back. Also I did not like the contract details either. I decided to look for one on the internet. It was a disaster, the more I looked the more confused I became. Each and every one of them said they were better than the other website builders. I had almost given up hope of finding a website builder suitable for my needs. Then I met an old friend at the local bar who owned a flower shop and had recently managed to create website for her business. She suggested I use BlueVoda, website builder to create website. It was the best advice anyone had given me in a really long time.

I had gone home that day and BlueVoda, website builder was the first thing I had searched for on the computer that night. I was a bit apprehensive at first with all the features and stuff to help people create websites on their own. It turned out to be quite easy in the end though. It is a unique website builder in the way that all their tools and tutorials are designed with a complete novice website builder in mind. With all their help forums and video tutorials, this website builder was a breeze to work on. The video tutorials were all carefully made to teach even a first time user how to create website on their own. It seemed so interesting and easy I decided to create website for my store that very night.

The entire process of create website was so easy and a great deal of fun too. The tutorials provided for almost everything from basics aspects of the website builder to advanced. The video tutorials provided step by step instructions. They are designed for the most novices of users and everyone who wants to create website on their own will love the simplicity. There were many options which involved just drag and drop elements. In fact I did not need specialized HTML knowledge at all. BlueVoda, website builder has many options to create website and making it e-commerce friendly. It has template forms as well which would allow you to create a commercial website for selling your products without even breaking a sweat. BlueVoda, will basically create website for you and do all the codes behind your back without you even noticing. With their extensive range of logos and background images, I was spoilt for choice to create website on my own. The templates were customizable down to the last detail and this allowed me to create website which really represented the nature of my business. Even I was amazed with the end result which I produced after just a day of working on my website.

For any website builder it is essential to have a good support system. And BlueVoda, website builder has a 24/7 support system where representatives are available to help you create website or provide answers to your queries. I did not really need this facility to create website but it is a great one to have in case we have problems. Once I had finished making my website and done with trying out the hundreds of different templates provided, I used their special One Click Publishing option which allowed my created website to be up online within a span of a few seconds.

It has changed everything. Now I do not have to depend on my store to sell my goods. It has allowed me to tap into the huge potential of the internet to sell my electronics online. Profits have been good for the past few months and I am already recommending this wonderful tool to create websites to my friends.
My business has long since moved from the edge of bankruptcy to profitability. I am also in the process of building another website with help from BlueVoda, website builder. Actually I was thinking of moving my small electronic repair business online too. Customers would be able to book a repair technician online to visit their house for repairs at their own place without having to wait for ages on normal telephone lines. BlueVoda, website builder has everything one needs to create website of one’s dreams.