I was actually out of a job, and needed to look for an alternative income opportunity to earn money to fend for my family. I tried looking for jobs in areas similar to my field of experience and knowledge. However I was not lucky enough to get a good posting in any job or company that I was actually happy with.
As I was submitting my resumes to the many online job portals, I accidently came across job openings for website builders. The interesting part of the offer was that the job was offered on a telecommute basis, which immediately attracted my attention.

However, what did discourage me from taking up this job was the fact that I wasn’t a full-fledged web developer. Though I had learnt some programming tricks and skills during my college days, I had forgotten all about them over the years as I never actually used these skills.

This was when my friend told me to try out a terrific website builder called BlueVoda to create websites of my own. I was a bit apprehensive about his idea, as I thought I needed some programming language to use the tool.

However once he told me that no programming language was required at all, and that even a primary school child could easily create website using the website builder, nothing could hold me back from trying it out.

So I just visited their website to find out what I had to do to use the website builder to create website. I was happy to find out that all I had to do was click on its download link, and the website builder is instantly installed on my computer, no hassle.

I was even happier to learn that there was no need to pay anything for the website builder. Yes, by using BlueVoda to create website, I could create websites practically without any initial investment. Learning to use the website builder to create website wasn’t actually that difficult at all.

There were adequate instructions and tutorials that came along with the tool that furnished all the information required to create website using the website builder. Creating a website is so easy with BlueVoda. I just have to drag and drop the different elements of the website in the different places I wanted to place them.

There are also many countless website templates to choose from. So it is really easy for me to create interesting and attractive websites using this website builder. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of pages I can include in a website. I can have my websites be from 1 to 15 pages long.

This website builder can be used to create websites with no apprehension. This is why this website builder has really helped change my life. It is not only work, I have many hobbies as well which I have built website for.

Once I mastered using the BlueVoda website builder, I could easily create website within half an hour. So I just started visiting all those online job portals and started my present occupation as a freelance web developer. This gave me the liberty to create website as many times as I needed in a given time span.
There was no reason whatsoever to look for another job as I was earning sufficient money to fend for my family through this website builder.

Although BlueVoda website builder is free, it is not free to create website and publish it on the web. In order to have your site go live, you must host your website with VodaHost. This is such an advantage, not having to endlessly search for a Web Hosting company. They are cheap and their support is great.
So thanks to BlueVoda, I can create websites as I please by paying a minimal Annual fee for my hosting account. This really was a dream come true for me and my family.

So if you ask me, I would definitely say that BlueVoda is a great website builder for anyone and everyone to create website. No matter if you plan to create website for your own business, or to start a business building websites for others, you will definitely love using BlueVoda to create websites.