I started buying and selling stuff online in 2009. It was mostly gadgets and electronic appliances. I created an account on online markets such as eBay. Business was going well, until I thought about how much I was spending on paying the “rent” for my online store. As a person, I like to be in total control of my business as well as any transactions made and I just found I couldn’t do so with my online store. So I figured it would be a great idea to create website of my own? I wanted to customize my own website, give it a really personal touch. I wanted to create website that will really reflect what my store was about; modern, classy and reliable gadgets.

There was a pretty basic hurdle however that I could not seem to jump over. I did not have enough finances to hire a website builder or designer, and I didn’t have enough experience and knowledge to create website from scratch on my own. I am a little familiar with html coding-but it just wasn’t enough to be able to create website of my own. I tried to download and use a website builder, testing out software like Adobe, Dreamweaver to create website, but those website builders require that you are an expert. It is really frustrating to create website with that kind of website builder which requires years of experience and too much financial back up.

I thought my dream to create website for my online store had finally come to an end, until I came across BlueVoda. The website builder seemed legit, but I was still wary about free downloadable software. I was nervous about the software containing malware and other stuff which may compromise my computer system. I took the plunge anyway. I really wanted to create website to cut the cost I was paying for my online store “rental”.

So, I downloaded the software for free, which was great but I still didn’t believe I would be able to create website that I could actually display without being totally embarrassed. I had absolutely no idea how to create website. I merely hoped this website builder was meant for novices like me.

Before installing it, I went through all the tutorials on how to create website. The information I got was so helpful. It really is a good idea to go through all the video tutorials beforehand. Doing this just makes the website builder a breeze to get used to. I had so many questions like, how do I design my website?
Where do I get buttons? Do they have clip art and images available? Can I add an “Add to Cart” button? I really have no idea. After watching the tutorials I created an outline of what I wanted the website to look like. I had a few references of other business sites which I found effective and finally it was time for me to create website.

I installed the program and began, keeping in mind that it would require patience to create website from scratch. I had no idea what to expect. All along I was expecting to see a page full of numbers where I had to insert an array of nonsensical coding but it never happened. As I began working however I was dumbfounded to realize that it actually WAS as straight forward as it claimed to be. The interface is really simple and user-friendly.

This website builder allows you to drag and drop elements of the website on your page. I was really happy to find out I can literally build a site with this website builder without all the complications I had expected. I can also place the elements wherever I want, resize them to my gusto and customize it to my liking. I also found out I didn’t have to worry about where to get stock images to use for my website, for there is an image gallery available in the website builder’s library.

Using this website builder is easy but it still requires creativity and planning. BlueVoda website builder, really does not complicate things unnecessarily.
Another good point about this website builder is that if you ever have a problem while you create website, you can always simply submit a support ticket and your query will be responded to immediately.

There are many options available, and you just have to browse through their online forums to get new ideas on how to create website and design it. There is an endless amount of information on this website builder.
I recommend this website builder to everyone that congratulates me on my own website.