I really wanted to create website of my own. My business was booming and I needed more connections to prospective clients from outside the country. As a tour guide, I started out booking trips for locals. I took advantage of the number of tourists visiting our area. I usually get customers through referrals or mouth to mouth advertising. I also distributed flyers, pamphlets and of course my business card. But I wanted more people to know about my services. Many tourists from across the globe started visiting our province, so I really thought this could be a great venture. All I needed to get started was a website of my own where these prospective clients could get a hold of me.

However, my budget was very tight so I was skeptical about setting up my own website, for I knew that hiring a website builder or designer would be too expensive. I definitely could not afford that. So, I decided to create website on my own. I really didnít know where to start. I tried to learn about html, but since my college degree is totally unrelated to computer and web site building, I didnít know where to start. I did a little research on multiple website builder programs, and tried them one by one but it was all in vain. I was struggling to understand all these codes and internet protocols in order to create website; it was really difficult for a person like me to create website. Scouring for useful information and software lead me nowhere, until a regular customer from Europe told me about this web builder called BlueVoda. He is a businessman, and he said he himself saved a lot when he used the website builder to create website. I had not come across the specific software on my search yet, but I thought I would give it a try since I was already desperate to create website. My client assured me I had nothing to worry about. You download the website builder for free and all I have to pay for is the hosting. I was so excited to begin the process and create website using this recommended software.

I tried it as soon as I got a break, and was determined to create website which would draw more clients in. I wanted them to know all about my services, the promo packages I was offering, and of course, sampler video clips to show how passionate I was as a tour guide. But first, I had to learn how to create website. On first glance, the website builder software was very promising and I was praying it wonít disappoint me like all the other pieces of software over the past months. I had tried again and again to create website with dozens of software only to cause further frustration.

So after installing it, I kept my fingers crossed that this time, I would be able to create website design by myself. And I hoped BlueVoda was as good of a website builder as it claimed to be.

I was surprised to realize that in no time at all I had already completed half of the website I was designing. It wasnít like any other web builder. No technical, html language was needed. With BlueVoda website builder, I could manipulate the pictures, text and other website elements as I pleased. I could place them wherever I want. Another wow factor with this website builder is that it has its own library of templates and clip art free for use without worrying about copyright infringement. File transfer protocols are not that difficult to comprehend either. I can easily attach documents such as brochures, sign up forms and pictures from my portfolio of different tour packages. I was actually able to fulfill my dream and create website of my own! I felt like I could do almost anything after using this website builder. It does not require extensive computer training skills or mathematical wizardry anymore to create website.

This website builder is really user-friendly. You can now create website without the exorbitant fees and without having to hire web programmers who charge a mountain for the slightest change in your website. Unlike other website builder software that just rip you off and embed malware and viruses into your computer, BlueVoda is the type of website builder that will meet your needs.

Another great feature of this website builder is that it can help your website rank through search engine optimization. Another plus is that you can edit or customize your site to your liking. There is so much more to this website builder than any other, and it is a must try for struggling entrepreneurs like me.

So, if you want to create website now, you should try this revolutionary web builder. I definitely recommend it hands down. This is the best website builder there is.