I am actually a teacher by profession. I love teaching and have been teaching kids for the last few years. Teaching is more of a passion to me and no matter how difficult, irate or impatient a class may be, once I have them in my class, I manage to grab their attention and create interest in whatever I teach.

I was happy with my earnings as a teacher; however when my dad fell ill a few years back, expenses just kept piling. Moreover, I couldnít actually concentrate much on my teaching as I had to also take care of my ailing dad at home. This was when I decided I had to do something as I knew that if I didnít take action, it wouldnít be long before I would find it difficult making ends meet.

This was when I decided it was time I started looking for work online, or at least for some means of making additional money online. Being a teacher, the first thing that jumped to my mind was to join a tutoring center and teach students online. So I tried out a few centers, but wasnít actually happy with the rates and terms they offered.

The second option I had was to start my own private tutoring services so that I could offer personalized tutoring services to my students. Though a great idea, the problem was that I did not know how to create website. Though I wasnít much of a computer freak, I knew I had to create website to reach out to the many students who may require my services.

I had the option of hiring a web developer to create website for me. However I my attempts were unsatisfactory for no matter how much I tried to explain my ideas and views, I couldnít get them to create website to suit my needs.

This was when I learned about the many website builders available, which could be used to create website. So I went about searching for the right website builder for myself. After lots of research, I found out that some to the website builders were rather expensive and some of them required some HTML knowledge to use.

Now, though I am a teacher, I didnít think it was possible for me to learn HTML language to create website. So this made me continue looking for a website builder that anyone could use to create website, even a layman. This was when I stumbled upon the great website builder, BlueVoda off by chance.

I call BlueVoda Ďgreatí because there is no need for any HTML knowledge to create website. This is the greatest advantage about this website builder. In addition to this, the website builder is completely free to create website.

All I had to pay for was its sister concern, VodaHost, which is a web hosting company. I didnít actually mind paying for these hosting services as I found it rather helpful to me to upload websites after I create website using BlueVoda.

Another very important feature about this website builder is how user friendly it is. All you have to do is drag and drop the different elements to create website of your dreams. BlueVoda also offers tutorials that I found really helpful and easy to follow to create website. Of course, I did come across a few problems while using the website builder.

However all my doubts and problems about how to create website were quickly taken care of by the website builder customer support team. There is also a forum here which I found really helpful in clearing my doubts regarding the use of the website builder. There are many other BlueVoda users on the forum who try to help you with any problems you encounter while using this website builder.

In addition to this, there is no limit to the number of pages you are allowed to create using the website builder. So I found it really interesting to create website with not only information about my tutorial services, but also to give some studying tips that I thought would help students.

I have to say, I am so glad I found this website builder, I was able to create website to advertise my tutoring classes and got quite a few students to teach. The money I earned thus helped take care of my fatherís medical bills and of course, for the monthly hosting expenses related to the website builder.