I was determined to create website for my online business on my own. I didnít have the money to hire a professional web designer and I had an idea in my head for exactly what I wanted. The only problem was that I couldnít seem to find a website builder that I was happy with.

When I was at a business meeting, I was talking to someone who was telling me how they learned to create website. They showed me what the website looked like and I was amazed. The businessman admitted that if it wasnít for the website builder that he used, he would never have been able to create website that looked so professional.

Once I found out that the website builder was BlueVoda, I had to know more. I did my own research to find out how I could create website using the same software. When I saw how easy BlueVoda website builder made it and how personalized I could create website, I was hooked.

Iím not a complete idiot when it comes to graphic design, but I donít know anything about HTML language to create website the traditional way. That wasnít a problem with BlueVoda because they walked me through everything. They have a lot of video tutorials that showed me how to do everything from resizing my photos to adding text and even creating links with the text that I put on the page.

SEO is a big part of showing up on the search pages and that was something I was really concerned about. I knew I needed a lot of pages to be able to have the content I needed and I was worried about how much it was going to start costing me. The actual BlueVoda website builder was completely free Ė no matter how many pages I added. I could create website with 100 pages if thatís what I wanted and this website builder wasnít going to charge me anything.

I had a meeting coming up and I wanted to hand out my business cards with my website on it. I was able to use the website builder to create website quickly. I was able to have my website ready and published in a matter of hours. The moment I was done creating the website, with one click, it was live. I was able to show others how I was able to create website and no one could believe that I did it in on my own.

One of the best features about BlueVoda was that it had pre-designed templates that I could choose from. These were high-end templates that had everything Ė backgrounds, fonts, tabs and everything. This was a website builder that understood people donít want generic looking websites and I was able to create website that I could be proud of.

After choosing the template that I wanted to use on the website builder, I was able to create website that looked amazing. It allowed me to change colors and customize the pages to my liking. I clicked where I wanted text and then typed out all the pages I needed. I could then add in my company logo as well as photos.

I was surprised by how long it took me to create website with the BlueVoda website builder because it didnít take much time at all. It simply couldnít be easier to use. Iíd talked with friends who had used a website builder from other companies and they all complained about how hard it was to create website because there werenít one-click tools for building the site.

The most important thing to me was not to have a generic looking website. Too many of the other website builder templates out there resulted in a generic look. I was bound and determined not to have that with my own.

Now when I get compliments on my website, Iím able to take all the credit. Some people donít believe me when I say I learned to create website, but itís true. They donít need to know that I used a website builder. But if they ask me, Iím always willing to tell them that I used the BlueVoda website builder.

I couldnít imagine using another website builder and now I canít wait to create website for my next business venture.