If you have no idea about how to create websites, the first thing you’d consider doing when you want to create website is to hire the services of a professional website builder or designer. Though the process sounds so simple and straightforward, the trouble begins when you encounter thousands of service providers all claiming to be the best professional website builder in the world and adding substantial rates to valid their claims. So you end up paying an astronomical fee to create websites and letting yourself at the complete mercy of a professional website builder who hardly listens to your input, the way you want your website to look and provide you with a completely impersonal run of the mill website looking suspiciously similar to your closest competitor’s site, whose details and source information you had to provide in the first place.

If you are fed up of this process and want to create website with your own personalized touch but at the same time feature a distinctive professional look, start and end your search with BlueVoda website builder, known and proven as the world’s best website builder. The nicest thing about BlueVoda is unlike professionals who charge so much money to create website, this is a program that is absolutely FREE for use with very easy to follow instructions that can be easily grasped by anyone. The short and clear video tutorials are all the guidance you need to create website under 60 minutes. Add to this is the significant benefit that there is no pre-requisite knowledge on the use of HTML, Dreamweaver or other website builder software.

BlueVoda website builder comes equipped with a range of web page templates, backgrounds and free logos helping you to create website with fully customized options and professional touches. The drag and drop option helps enhances the turnaround time and you can create websites in a vastly simplified process.

What I liked most about this website builder is the top notch customer support service. Initially, I had some trouble mastering the templates which was not helped by my minimal knowledge on how to create website. The lively discussion forum helped me in getting things in to perspective without losing any precious hours and you can be sure there is always someone in the forum ready to lend a helping hand with your complications and confusions.

If I had hired a professional to create website then I would have had to pay so much money every time I needed my website updated with new information. Now, with the help of BlueVoda website builder, I can not only create websites as much as I want but add unlimited pages as I continue and keep my websites all up to-date at no extra charge whatsoever.

The professional templates will introduce you to a high-tech world of professional website presentations. You can sort through myriad template options to choose one that fits most with your concept. The other important aspect I notice about BlueVoda website builder is the free FTP client named the Blue FTP. The only flip side about this option is that it can be connected only through the VodaHost servers, thereby restricting the use of this handy website builder tool as freely as one would like to. However, to look on the bright side the availability of VodaHost option makes it possible for your site to be immediately uploaded to the web, instead of spending more time looking for a suitable host and affordable rates.

Just like you and me, there are many thousands of people around the world who at this very moment are looking for a professional website builder tool that can help them to create website on their own without any of the stress typically involved in such a process. BlueVoda website builder fits the bill perfectly by catering to your create website needs in just the way you want and whenever you want. Despite its compact installation kit, the interface once downloaded has more than ample options to suit all types of user needs from basic to complex. The Navigation Bar, Image Gallery, ActiveX Controls among others helps you to create website guaranteed to catch the attention of your target audience. If personalization is your main concern when you create websites, take a look at the Extra Tools function. It comes complete with myriad options like add image rollovers, ad banners etc.

BlueVoda website builder is optimally suitable for beginners looking for a professional input to create website. With its amazingly easy to understand and use web design tools, customized options and superior customer support services, BlueVoda is indeed the world’s best website builder.