If you have always wanted to create website for your small business, but got intimidated by the spiraling costs of hiring a web designer to get the job done, you might have just landed yourself in the right spot.

BlueVoda is basically enables a user who has absolutely no exposure to HTML or coding to create website that is rich and functional. It is a drag and drop application that actually makes it amazingly easy to create website within a matter of minutes. BlueVoda helps you to make anything from a no-nonsense home page to a multi-page full fledged website.

Let’s throw some light on some of the features that BlueVoda has to offer somebody driven to create website. The website comes with a vast collection of pre-designed templates. It has “One Click” publishing functionality. The website builder also comes with an image library which facilitates the download of almost limitless free logos, backgrounds, headers, and free logos.

There are a plethora of free website builder applications on the market today that provide you some basic functionality to create website. However, this WYSIWYG website builder stands out from the rest by allowing you to use plug-ins, scripts, streaming media, flash, forms and so many other exciting components.

BlueVoda website builder comes with an inbuilt help system to create website. It also points you to a community forum that will help immensely if you are just opening your eyes to the arena of website designing. Another amazing aspect of the BlueVoda website builder is the access it provides to some amazing video tutorials. These tutorials have been designed to engage the average user who finds it hard to find the difference between a website and a video game. In fact, it’s hard to restrain yourself from create website after you watch these tutorials.

The BlueVoda website builder comes with an amazing interface that is extremely easy to get familiar with. This website builder uses an interface design that is very similar to the one used in previous versions of Microsoft Office. In essence, it provides much of the same level of customization. This includes tear-off toolbars and color markers that are grid based. It provides the much favored drag and drop facility. You can position the toolbars any way you want to suit your preference. You can upload your completed website with amazing ease through the FTP interface named Blue FTP. You can easily customize or format page elements with drop down selectors for changing text size, colors, and various other options including switching between text styles. Adding embedded items to the web page design is a breeze.

Another interesting fact of note is that the installation kit for the BlueVoda website builder is comparatively smaller than other conventional programs. It comes to just under 4.5 MB, which is really amazing for such a powerful program.

The best characteristic about using BlueVoda website builder is that you can have the programming skills of an albatross, but you would still end up making a fantastic website in under an hour. Of course, to put things in perspective, there will obviously be a lot of stuff to learn about when you create website for the first time, such as Flash or ActiveX controls, but these are just trivial aspects that an average user can be self educated through some amazing online tutorials. Learning has been made infinitely easier by YouTube, so if you are really inspired, it’s just a matter of time before you gain a firm grasp over these aspects and go on to create website on your own.

• The website builder program is compact.
• It has an amazingly easy to use user interface.
• The website builder Provides a wide selection of quality templates
• Drag and drop function makes it ridiculously easy to create website.
• Free website builder
• Free FTP client

• You can use Blue FTP only to access Vodahost’s servers.
• To get your website published after you create website, you will need to buy a hosting account.

In a nutshell, BlueVoda is a website builder that enables the average Tom, Jane, and Henrietta to create website without turning into a rocket scientist overnight. The fact that is free just adds to the fun. BlueVoda provides a hosting account at an amazingly reasonable price. So, if you want to create website on your own and are passionately driven to do it on your own, getting an account and using BlueVoda website builder would be a great idea. Basically, if you want to have some fun while you create website on your own, BlueVoda can be a magical box of fun just waiting to be opened. So, don’t wait… create website with BlueVoda website builder and knock yourself out.