Would you like to create website on your own? Website builders are a dime a dozen these days. There are many website builder programs that claim that they can help you to create website in a minute. BlueVoda is actually one website builder that lives up to the promise.

BlueVoda website builder helps you create website on your own and publish it without having knowledge in coding or HTML. Basically, if you have a computer and know the bare basics of navigating through the internet, you can have a website of your own with this amazing application. The amazing thing is… It’s Free!

Basically, BlueVoda website builder is a drag and drop website builder application that is designed for the common man trying to create website. You can install the application for free. Once you’re done with the installation, you will find a user interface that is amazingly easy to navigate through with a great deal of customization. To through light on this aspect, you have complete control over the location of the menu bar, which is a pretty cool thing. This goes for all the other toolbars in the website builder.

You don’t have to be a programing wizard to create website with this amazing website builder. Of course, there are aspects to learn such as Flash, ActiveX, Navigation bar, image map and so and so forth. However, as always there is a learning curve whenever you set out on accomplishing something new. The application provides links to amazing free video tutorials. The tutorials themselves are a work of art. Once you’re done with them, it’s hard to not break loose and create website right away. It looks so easy.

Apart from the menu bar, there are several tool bars at your disposal. These include Standard, HTML, and Extra Tools, tool bars for formatting. Each bar has several options under them and you are given a great deal of freedom to customize in regards to removing and adding buttons as per your preference.

Each tool bar actually serves more than an ornamental purpose and actually adds value to the process involved to create website. To elaborate further on one such factor, the Extra Tools bar provides you with the facility to add banners, ad banner rotators, galleries, shopping carts and much more. Of course, there is no need to explain each and every option as there is a dedicated button for tutorials on the interface which goes into a lot of detail explaining the features. The tutorials are great and would engage the average user who has the desire to create website but has no exposure to the conventional aspects of web designing.

The BlueVoda website builder is built on the foundation of being extremely user friendly for somebody looking to create website. As part of that endeavor, the website provides a plethora of templates.

The website builder also provides another dimension to the process of create website. It comes with a free FTP client strategically named Blue FTP. This provides you connection only to VodaHost Web-Hosting servers. This also came as a bit of a surprise; however, the hosting account from VodaHost can be bought at a reasonable price.

• The website builder program is small.
• It has an amazingly easy to use user interface.
• The website builder Provides a wide selection of quality templates
• Drag and drop function makes it amazingly easy to create website.
• Website Builder is free
• Access to FTP client

• You can use Blue FTP only to access VodaHost servers.

In a nutshell, BlueVoda is a website builder for the common man who doesn’t want to deal with the complexities of coding and HTML. The website builder holds a pandora’s box of fun if you are thrilled and would like to try to create website on your own. So, why wait… download this sweet little magic box and discover all you can do while you create website.