A website is today a window to the international consumer world. An increasing number of businesspeople today have their own websites that cater to the needs and requirements of their clients. I have a running tutorial business, and I thought it was high time I had my own website.

So I set about looking for help and guidance to create website. I found out that the most common thing most people do to create website is hire the services of professional web designers. So keeping this in mind, I set about finding the right web developers to hire to create website for me.

I found out that there were many web developers in the market who I could hire to create website for me. However in addition to this, I also found out that most of these web developers were not that committed at helping their clients create website. They were not that willing to make numerous changes and alternations to the website as per the client’s specifications.

I mean, it’s not possible to build a website overnight. And as it was the first time I had endeavored to create website, I knew that I would have lots of changes and modifications to be made to my website. I found it rather tedious and irritating having to depend on the web developer to make all the changes and create website for my tutorial service.

As I knew no script or programing language, creating a website on my own was out of the picture. So I started asking around for help to create website as per my dreams and specifications, without having to rely on a web developer for their services.

This was when I learnt about the concept and availability of website builders. As the name suggests, website builder are tools that you can use to build a website without the help of a web developer. There many website builders software on the internet; however most of them require some HTML knowledge to use the tool and cost a fee.

While the fee was not a matter of concern, as I had no computer knowledge and did not have the time or patience to learn HTML coding, I was not interested with these website builder. I then lost hope of actually finding a website builder I could use to create website. I was just scrolling and surfing the internet when by chance came across a terrific free website builder, BlueVoda.

BlueVoda is a great website builder tool, and a must have for anyone who needs to create website. This is a tool that anyone can use to create as many website as required, with as many pages as you require. So I found this tool to be a great boon to create website for my tutorial services. I required numerous pages for the different subjects I taught, for the different age groups of my students.

I just had to envision a particular web page, and I could create website with all these pages by dragging and dropping the different elements of a website. I just went on creating different pages for the different subjects I taught for different age group students.

Of course, I did stumble across some hurdles while using the website builder BlueVoda to create website. I did not worry much in such predicaments as I just had to post my apprehensions to the various BlueVoda website builder forums or the site’s customer support and my queries were answered in a short time.

What I really liked about this website builder was that it was available for free. There was of course a hitch to this ‘free’ offer. Anyone using this website builder to create website had to host the website created using the hosting services of the sister concern of the website builder, VodaHost.

I did not consider this much of a hitch, as their web hosting services are very affordable and they offer many services. With this website builder, I could create website that met all the requirements for my tutorial website, and then just turn to VodaHost to host my website. I was rid of the task of finding the right and compatible web hosting services to cater to the need and requirements of my tutorial website.

Once I managed to create website using this great website builder, I found a marked interest in the demand and students using my tutorial services and my website traffic has been increasing constantly.