I’m forty-two years old and definitely not a techie person. But who would have thought that at my age, I would discover my passion for writing? Yes, I’m one of those people who are what they call a “late bloomer”. I started out as a ghostwriter for online clients. After several successful writing gigs, one of my most supportive clients suggested that I make a portfolio of my work and create website to showcase my abilities. He said that this would be one good way to catch the attention of potential clients who are looking for good writers to hire. At first I was pretty much excited about the whole idea until I realized something. I didn’t know a thing about web design, let alone know how to use website builder software!

I spent a whole afternoon on my desktop computer, researching over the Internet, trying to see how a newbie like me could create website that would suit my specific needs as an online freelance writer. After two hours, I realized that I had very limited options if I were to create website. One option was that I start to learn about web design. I would have to learn about HTML language, codes, programming methods, etc., if I wanted to create website. Just thinking about all those various complicated topics made my head spin! I would also have to pay a hefty fee in order to attend specialized tutorials or seminars to learn how to create website and how to maintain it. I figured that this option was too time consuming and heavy on my pocket. Then there was the other option: let an expert in website builder software create website for me. Again, I would have to pay a significant amount of money. Hiring a professional to handle the website builder software for me sounded like the easy way out of my problem. However, I again did not like the idea that I would have to spend so much money just to create website. Besides, how would I be assured that the person I hired to create website could successfully do so according to my exact specifications? I’m a detail oriented person and I sought to make sure I got what I really wanted for what I paid for.

Finally, after a few more hours of surfing the net, I came upon the BlueVoda official website which urged me to try out their website builder software for free. Yes, the BlueVoda website builder software that they offered came with no hidden fees! Talk about saving money! After reading some of the positive testimonies in the BlueVoda website, I decided to give their website builder software ago. After all, what did I have to lose if I were to create website using their website builder program? What happened after my decision was a pleasant surprise.

BlueVoda website builder software is so easy to use! You wouldn’t believe that such an old fogey like me could create website the way I did! First off, the free website builder video tutorials were a great help. Anything I needed to ask about how to maximize the use of their website builder program, I found all the necessary answers in the videos. I was also taken in by BlueVoda’s user friendly tools to create website. All I had to do was click and drag the pictures, logos, etc. that I wanted to add to my web design. The BlueVoda website builder program image library to create website was a big help. There is also a huge number of website templates to choose from! The format of my website design was done exactly the way I wanted it.

The BlueVoda website builder software also allows you to create website and achieve one click publishing. No need to wait for several weeks to get your website up and running! And once you have your site published, you can readily edit or update it any time you want with the BlueVoda website builder, on your own, at no extra charge.

These are just some of the reasons why I highly recommend the BlueVoda website builder software for beginners who wish to create website. Things need not be expensive or overly complicated. You don’t have to learn any complex programming formulas or codes. You don’t have to pay excessive fees just to get a professional to create website for you. Doing it yourself could never be any easier than with BlueVoda website builder software!