If you are looking for a great website builder you would definitely look for something that it easy to use and low cost, if not free. BlueVoda is both it is an extremely easy to use website builder and it is free. There is a lot you can do with this free tool especially if you are looking forward to create website that can be used professionally.

BlueVoda is a website builder that does not need you to know any programming to create website. Yes, you would be required to be aware of a few basics such as the terms like Image Map, Navigation Bar, ActiveX, Flash, etc. but if you would not know this much you would not be out to create website either. For those who are total novices to create website there are video tutorials with this website builder which are embedded in the program. So, even if you know the minimum possible, you would still be able to use the BlueVoda website builder like a professional in no time.

There are many toolbars laden with goodies that you could discover and use to create website of your dreams. Besides the standard templates, you have the widest palette of choices to build a custom website exactly as you would like it. You can add image rollovers, photo galleries, banner rotators which are only some of the coolest features of the BlueVoda website builder.

The Best Features Of The BlueVoda Website Builder

There are many great features that this website builder offers, but if you are looking for the best, here are what will make you happy to use this program:

- It is free to use to create website
- It is easy to install
- It is very flawless to use to create website
- It has a powerful video tutorial library embedded at every step so you can learn what you do not know and do not break your speed while you build your website.
- It has the widest possible choices of tool 7 toolbars, i.e. standard, html, align, advanced, extra tools, format and form fields. Each one of these toolbars further ramification into more sub-tools. You can create website just by adding and deleting buttons.
- It allows setting up emails for members
- You can build as complex a website you have in mind in no time and with the least of effort
- You have an excellent online assistance

There is of course a few downside with BlueVoda website builder, and though these are not really too much in my view, I feel it should indeed be mentioned so those who use it should be aware and prepared for it.

- You can create website, any type of website with this program and you can do a swell job with it in literally minutes even if you do not have any experience to create website. However, you cannot host the website you built on any other host but VodaHost web hosting which some people find a little underhand.

The point is that here you are still to gain because the prices quoted for hosting of the website you created are very competitive. So, if you put behind you the fact that they do not let you use the website you built on other hosts, this is still a great deal.

- Also, it looks a little intimidating at the beginning to create website. However, if you do not give up at the first obstacle you find and go through the video tutorials offered, you will easily get to love this program.

The Verdict on BlueVoda Website Builder The All-In-One Website Builder

There are very few free create website programs as good as this one. There is always a catch, there is always something that will make you sad in most of the good free programs. For a moment you will feel that even the this website builder has some strings attached when you realize that you cannot use the site unless hosted through their own VodaHost web hosting.

However, very soon if you compare prices you will find out that like their create website program, their prices too are unbeatable. Hence, you have nothing to lose when you choose VodaHost web hosting. The service is great and you end up with a product and a great website presence.