There are many ways to make money online. I had read several articles on this subject. Naturally, I was curious to know if I could also find a way to make some money using the Internet. By profession, I was a marketing person. However, I also had an artistic side which was to design. In my free time, I would sketch different designs. I would also help my interior decorator friend in making designs for her clients. Being a marketing professional, I exactly knew how companies sell products. I knew most marketing gimmicks used in brand promotion. Hence, when I decided to create website to launch an affiliate program, I knew I will find a dozen products to create website. I had heard about website builder programs, but never came across one.

One night, I sat down and put down my ideas on a piece of paper. I also laid down the marketing strategy for my website- content marketing, social bookmarking, YouTube etc. But the first step was to create website. I did not want to spend much money to create website. Therefore, I did not hire a website programmer to create website. So I started searching for an automated website builder to create website. A simple Google search led me to several website builders. But I was not willing to take their word. I started scanning the Internet for reviews (positive and negative). I paid more attention to negative reviews as I wanted to be sure about the website builder. There were many website builder programs that have pretty decent features. Most of them had the basic features like design templates and HTML-based interface. However, I could not find any that allowed me to create website without using HTML knowledge. My point was that why should I use an automated website builder if it asked me for HTML knowledge? Would it not be better to pay a website developer instead?

I found the BlueVoda website builder while reading reviews. I had no idea if this website builder will be good or bad. But I decided to probe more before coming to a decision. The first thing that I noticed about this website builder was that it required no HTML web design knowledge. This impressed me and I decided to give it a serious thought. I downloaded the website builder to create website. The user interface of this website builder was quite interesting and simple to navigate. The Drag & Drop functionality of this website builder made my job easier. All I had to do is to select an item, drag it, and drop it into the website creation zone.

One of the problems while making a website is shortage of templates. Either I would scan the Internet to take inspiration from already built websites, or check for companies that sell templates. However, with BlueVoda website builder, I had access to hundreds of Pre - designed website templates. This meant I could create not one, but unlimited websites without any extra cost. I played a little with the overall features to understand how this website builder can help create website. I was surprised to see hundreds of FREE logos, templates, webpage backgrounds and website headers in the image library of the BlueVoda website builder. I was never a pro at website development. But the dozens of video tutorials of this program always came to my rescue.

I particularly loved the "One Click Publishing" button of this website building program. With help of the website building program, I could make a simple homepage as well as a beautiful multi-page website in less than an hour. I was impressed that this website building program allowed me to create website without flooding the window with ads and spyware. I never had any issues with my system while using this website building program.

It took me only three days to create website for my affiliate program that I wanted. Although, I created the website in less than 1 hour for the first time, I spend more time making it perfect. I checked different templates, designs and logos to create website that I had always dreamt of. In order to create website with this website building program, I did not have to take help of a developer or programmer. The program was complete in all respect to create website. Thanks to BlueVoda website building program, I can create website in less than 30 minutes.