After publishing a book, I got a call from my agent telling me that I needed to create website. I was shocked. Why did I need to create website? After she told me the long list of reasons why I needed to do it, I started to look into all of the website builders. They looked way too complicated and thatís when I began to panic.

I talked to a few fellow writers that had really good looking websites and thatís when I discovered a easy to use website builder to help create website. This was a great website builder because there was no need to know HTML. There were hundreds of templates for me to choose from, which is what I really loved.

All of the previous website builders gave me a very generic looking template that had books on it. Even though I was a writer, I wanted to create website that was more personal for my genre Ė and this was the website builder that allowed me to do it. It was absolutely a breeze to use and it allowed me to create website that I could interact with my fans with.

Throughout the pages of my website, I had an intro, a page about the book, a page about me, a page about special events, and a page that had all of the ordering information. Each of the pages had a similar look to them and I didnít have to spend a lot of time on the design. When I used the website builder to create website, the templates took everything into consideration.

BlueVoda is an easy website builder and it allowed me to create website that I could be proud of. Plenty of other writers had great looking websites and I knew that I needed one that looked at least as good so that I could grab the attention of readers. Iím proud to say that I was able to create the website without the help of any professionals Ė and many readers have since complimented me on how easy it is to navigate through my website.

Each page took me about 5 minutes to complete. I already knew the information that I wanted on each page, so it was a matter of choosing the font colors and sizes. There was a great preview mode on the website builder so I could see what each page looked like before I actually published it to the internet. I could go in and make a few edits and then see how it looked so that I knew what the site would look like to anyone who happened upon it.

After I was happy with what the pages looked like in the website builder, I was able to create website that could be seen by everyone. I hit publish and it was live within a few minutes. Suddenly I knew why people were boasting about this website builder. Many of the website building people I talked to quoted me high prices and told me it would take two to three months to launch my site Ė and this is not something that my agent told me I could wait on.

Having to create website on my own was not something I was looking forward to, but BlueVoda as my website builder made it so easy. The entire website took me about 45 minutes to build, which included all the pages that I needed. I have never learned HTML or any of the other computer languages and I didnít need to know any of them to create website. The website builder walked me through everything and even had some tutorial videos so I knew exactly what to do.

Iím not one of the most tech-savvy people that are out there, so when I could create website that looked good, I knew that this was a great website builder. I called my agent a week after she told me to get a website and gave her the website address for her to check it out. She was very impressed and immediately gave the address to the publisher to include on my book jacket.

I now have all sorts of promo materials pointing to my website that I made and itís something that Iím proud of. Iím almost as proud that I could create website as the fact that I could write a book. I now recommend this website builder to everyone who needs a great looking website in a short period of time.