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The html editor is usually a website design software that has a GUI (graphic user interface) which makes it easier to create website using the File Menus. This is good for the non-programmers and non-technical people.

There are lots of software for website design, like BlueVoda MS Frontpage, Dreamweaver which are widely used. however, there are lots of web page design software you can buy.

I prefer BlueVoda because I learned it and got it for free when I took my web design certificate at Education direct school.

There is another way to edit and build web pages beside using a software. If you are a programmer, and know how to code html, you can use any text editor like notepad to edit or create website.

Just open a notepad window, and type the html code, and save it as .html file instead of .txt extension. This is it, you created a webpage.

Please note as the webpage becomes more complicated and has many files of different types, building a webpage from raw html code will be a daunting task. Even if you are a programming, and know how to write with html code, it well take lots of effort, time, and aggravation to build a webpage of little complexity.

So, in your case, it is a wise decision to buy a software with graphic interface in order to learn faster and be more productive.

Even with a software, it will take a while and lots of practice to be comfortable with building web pages.

As a beginner, there is an excellent solution to building your own web pages ,without knowing any html codes, and without even buying any software I was mentioning before.

Here is the solution:

Some web hosting service providers offer with your web hosting account, what is called as web page templates.

Usually the cost is very reasonable, and many times you can pick a hosting package that includes web page templates.

That only costs couple dollars per month unless your web hosting provider is charges more than most web hosts providers.

A webpage / website template is a wizard like application where you fill in text, images, files in few steps and when you click finish, you web page will be ready.

Learning html is like learning another language, but it can be attained fairly quickly right from your computer. There are many tutorial programs that will teach you everything. html stands for HyperText Markup Language and it is all about making your letter, list, or document readable, and positioned in a certain manner, create website by the computer. html created little "tags" that are attached to the written text, and is necessary if you want to design your own web page because the markup tags tell the Web browser how to display the page. It positions the text where you want it on the page. Without this markup language to "explain" the locations of text, it would simply appear in wrap style. An html file must have an htm. Extension on the file when it is created, to identify it and a file can be created by using a simple text editor. html is the universal markup language for the web, and it allows you to create website, format text, add graphics, create links, input forms, frames and tables, etc., and save it so that any browser can read and display. The key is learning the tags which are used and this is what the tutorials will teach you - all the tags and their applications.

The tags are important and are used to markup the html elements which are surrounded by two characters which direct it. The surrounding characters are called angle brackets, and would look like, < and >. These usually come in pairs, one at the beginning of the "element content" or the text, and one at the end, like < b > the house is on a hill < /b > This is a small glimpse into html. But the funny thing is, just like every other part of the computer world, there is now a "new" html called Xhtml. So, just when you think you've got it - they come up with a better one! Doesn't it figure? Not to worry, there are tutorials for both types now on the web, so you can take your choice. The noticeable difference is that Xhtml is somewhat cleaner and stricter than the html, but still very similar.