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At the moment, creating websites remains enlisted in the daily life ambitious tasks of every individual who connects with the world through the Internet. Whether a sports coach, a publisher, an entertainment channel operator, or just a family person filled with the spirit of the family, creating websites has become both need and enjoyment for many if not all net users. It is more significant for the career of some professionals like freelance writers, self-employed individuals, and all business-oriented professionals to create a website that flashes their skills and services to seekers. If you really mean to have your voice heard by the 'global ears', creating websites of your own comes foremost in giving you a go. While creating websites is possible by benefiting from services like Bluevoda site builder, the role of planning still holds central importance in website development. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a deeper look into the role of planning in creating websites before turning to Bluevoda site builder to create a website for personal satisfaction or promotion of your services and skills.

Steps in Planning of creating websites

Now when you want to create a website and reap its benefits, consider the outline of a planning scheme. Here is one to aid you with the task.

1. Set your Goal(s) when creating websites.
2. Mark your Requirements when creating websites.
3. Choose Website Content when creating websites.
4. Plan the Structure of the Website Content
5. Decide on the Website's Look and Feel

Setting your Goal(s) when creating websites.

Whether using a free service like Bluevoda site builder or paying a good sum to get a fancy website of your own, creating websites is not of any use without goal when creating websites. To create a website even for fun's sake has its goal-enjoyment. If you have no goals, there is no need to create a website, unless you want to kill your time (which in itself is a pretty convincing goal). Setting your goals clearly before you is the most important step in website development. As an example you can look at the following list of goals:

(a) Provide free content related to your field of expertise/interest
(b) Provide keyword rich content
(c) Market your products and/or services by offering free course(s)
(d) Detail search engine optimized (SEO) information for attracting new clients

These and other innumerable goals provide an aim toward which your website development will be oriented. Remember that the goals you choose for creating websites should be realistic and achievable. Setting impossible goals is akin to wasting your time. Also, set the goals that are self-contained, i.e. if you fail in achieving one goal, it does not affect getting success in other goals. In addition, keep in mind that to create a website that really is expected to be fruitful you need to have precise, specified goals. Any vagueness in your purpose can bring about a failure in your website development. Some important elements will definitely count when you think of successfully creating websites. These are described below:

Knowing Your Target Audience when creating websites.

There is no content that is of interest to everyone. To create a website that really attracts and impresses, you must set in your mind the particular category/type of people toward which your website is directed. The narrower your target audience, the better, since this will avoid boring other visitors. If you have a variety of content, divide it in types to create a website separately for more than one target audience. If creating more than one website is not feasible to you, get your material divided into discrete sections/pages within the same website. Each section/page will carry alike articles or content for a particular group of people.

Measuring the Success of Your Website when creating websites.

creating websites and adding content to it does not ensure any success. Use an objective measure of success for your website development so that you can judge the effectiveness of your input and the degree of change you need in any section of your site.

Marking your Requirements when creating websites.

To create a website that is a success to your set goals; you must know what minimum requirements you have defined for your site. As a way of example, you can imagine the minimum requirements of a professional in business who is creating websites for adding to his profits. These may include displaying the corporate logo on every page, using corporate colors as the essential color palette, making the website compatible with more than a single type of browser, and so on. Minimum requirements must be decided upon before starting with the website's design.

Choose Website Content when creating websites.

While creating websites, you can choose either a single type of content (for one target readership) or different categories of content (attracting more than one kind of audience). Multimedia and images etc. are good content material for illustrating certain item (products and services etc.) but Written content precedes all other material in website development. You can include different types of articles depending on the purpose at hand. If you can design a separate navigation system for each content category, it will adorn the website with uniqueness. Some of the kinds of content articles used to create a website are: instructive articles, news articles, and product-promoting articles.

(a) Instructive Articles: These articles are informative and educate the readers by explaining how something works. These are mostly independent of the current events and are not topical. Thus older articles do not automatically become invalid with the passage of time. New articles should be added on top of older ones in an organized approach to website development.

(b) News Articles: creating websites that is hip and up to date will demand adding news articles regularly. New articles are also custom articles and are informative but the information presented in them pertains to new happenings or changes in state of events. That is why they become outdated soon. However, to create a website that is of value to people who will like to stay up to date, news articles must be added and old news articles should be archived for reference rather than deleting permanently from the pages. New articles are presented directly while archived articles are categorized.

(c) Product-Promoting Articles: These articles are specifically meant for promoting a specific product. They should not only inform about the product but also follow a persuasive way of telling about the product so as to promote its sale. If there are a large number of products, they need be categorized. A drill down menu system of navigation should be employed for each category name. creating websites with excellent product pages means that you have kept in view a search option on the main page so that the customer can directly find the product if he/she knows the name or other search criteria when creating websites.

Plan the Structure of the Website Content when creating websites.

The next step in planning a website, after you are through with selection of the content, is to decide about the hierarchy of content page by page as appearing on the site. Let's consider the structured hierarchy of an imaginary sports website.

1. The main page of the website contains 3 main categories pages: Informational Articles, News Article, and Products.
2. Informational Articles are divided into two main category pages: skiing and Tennis, each page subdivided into two or three (or more) topics like How to put Your Skis On? and other topics like these.
3. News articles are divided into 3 sub-category pages like Skiing, Tennis, and Archive, each having further topics.
4. The product page is divided into product types for each sport and pages for those products carry persuasive articles for promoting the sales.

This is just a logical structure for the content and in actuality, you need to consider the overall feel and look of the website for successful website development.

Deciding on the Website's Look and Feel

One reason why planning your website matters so much for successful website development is that your imagination can create innumerable designs for the over all feel and look of the site. You will need fruitful guidance in deciding on fitting themes. That is where site-building services, like those of Bluevoda site builder, become important to use. The choices in the overall look and feel of the site are, of course, limited by the goals and minimum requirements of your plan. Still, guidelines from Bluevoda site builder and other such sites make the choice of the feel and look of the site. Navigation, template layout, color palette, images, advertisement, are some of the many contributing things that play a special role in website development. All these require careful planning. Let's consider them briefly here to give an idea of their role in creating websites worth looking at.

Navigation: A clear and easy-to-use navigation system is a big plus when creating websites. Once you have a clear site structure in mind, designing a good navigation system is not difficult. To allow Search Engine Optimization, it is better to use links to texts rather than images. Also, make your text as descriptive as possible.

Template Layout: Since the Internet users have several different browsers at hand to use, choose a template that is easy to show in all browsers or most of them. Bluevoda site builder can be used as a good illustrator.

Color Palette: It is recommended to use a color palette of five complementary colors and stick to them during website designing so as to create a website with a colorful look. Using colored text and backgrounds for presenting the main content on the page is not a good idea since it makes reading a labor. Choose white background instead with black text.

Images: creating websites with innovative use of images gives the site a touch of elegance. Nevertheless, the use of images for website development should be kept at a minimum. Try to keep the total size of all the images used on the site less than 50 Kb. Do not include text within images.

Advertisements: Who won't like to make a little money by simply placing ads on his/her website. But if you crowd your pages with ads, the visitor will most probably leave at once, not in a good mood of course. Many ads will also distract the visitor from viewing your categories. So keep the ads in a reasonable limit.

Scrolling and Flashing: Remember that things like bells and whistles that come scrolling and flashing on your website are bugging the visitors. Try to create a website without them or keep them at a minimum.

Bluevoda Site Builder for creating websites

Bluevoda site builder is a site that provides the chance to create a website for free within 30 minutes time. You can create a website of your own choice, with a single page or many pages for different categories. There are a number of benefits of using Bluevoda site builder for creating websites of your own/your company or institute. The greatest benefit of these is that you do not need any previous experience of creating websites but only need to know your goals and have an idea about what your target audience and feel of the site should be; the rest is taken care by Bluevoda site builder. To create a website, go to the Bluevoda site builder and follow the instructions provided in the free tutorial.

Thousands of people have used Bluevoda site builder for creating websites and have saved themselves from frustration and useless labor. Unlike other website builders, Bluevoda site builder does not require the user to be have HTML editor website maker knowledge base. You are given the opportunity to create a website by adding a variety of features like flash games, java movies and games, movie clips, checkboxes, QuickTime items (clips, sounds), games, lines, objects, flash movies, text boxes, photos, large size pages, forms, buttons and many other things to lure the visitor. Whether a sports enthusiast, an ambitious writer, a software developer, or any of the numerous consumer individuals, Bluevoda site builder works equally well for both beginners in and website gurus in creating websites.

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