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Almost every business these days needs a unique website to reach out to its customers and clients. If you are looking to build a website with a low budget, it is important to choose the ‘right’ website builder. My experience to create website using the BlueVoda website builder has been simply amazing. Many of my esteemed colleagues and customers have appreciated my website’s professional look and feel and I can’t thank BlueVoda website builder enough to create this fabulous software to create website.

Being a small business owner of interiors products like wall paper and wooden flooring, I have lots of tasks to attend to on a day-to-day basis. So, I have no time to make a website. Also, due to my low budget, I had no website even though I knew that having a business website is the need of the hour. Talking to professional designers, they charge very high rates and I could not even think to hire them to create website. My wife knew that I wanted to have a business website, so she searched online to learn how to create a website easily. This is when she found BlueVoda website builder program.

She introduced me to the BlueVoda website builder that promised to create website in just half an hour. I was glad that I didn’t need to look anywhere for experienced website designers. Though I was not very confident that this program would help to create website that looks professional, I asked my wife to try this website builder as it was free with a nominal website hosting cost. Moreover, after reading so many positive reviews, I became a little curious to see the results of this software. My wife downloaded BlueVoda website building program from the website and it hardly took any time. The website builder is clean and there is no risk of infecting your computer with any virus or adware, etc.

We all know how important it is to have basic knowledge and understanding of HTML and coding for creating a website. But to create website using the BlueVoda website builder, one does not require any knowledge of web development. The drag and drop options which are available in this builder can be used to build unique website designs. Hence, all one needs to do is select various components like buttons, backgrounds and header images from its in-built library and simply drag and place them on the work area to make a website. You can also incorporate forms, plug-in and flash in your website.

The help file provided by this create website option is something that is very commendable as it provides steps to create website in a clear, crisp and easy to understand language. If the tutorials are not satisfactory or you get stuck anywhere, one can also get in touch with the customer support to understand better. One time there was some minor issue related to forms that I was unable to fix myself using the website builder tool. So, I emailed the customer support and their team who promptly explained to me how to solve the issue. BlueVoda is indeed a great website builder with excellent customer support!

One thing that impressed me was easy-to-use interface of this website builder. The work area, library, and other tools are so prudently placed that it makes designing a website a breeze. The huge library of resources to create website using this website builder tool helped me design a creative website for my interiors business. After using this website builder, I realized why so many people who have used BlueVoda to create website had only good things to say about this create website tool.

The website I developed along with my wife using this create website option is very user-friendly and has helped me get new customers. The tool also has so many great-looking logos and website templates. I chose a suitable logo and a matching website template, selected other web elements like headers, page backgrounds and within an hour I was able to create website. For making it live I bought the affordable VodaHost web hosting plan and my site was live in just a few clicks. Another key aspect of this website builder is that it allowed me to optimize my website for search engines.

Once I was able to create website and it was live, I got respect from all my friends and clients. It was kudos all around for me and my wife. I definitely recommend the BlueVoda team for creating such a wonderful tool to create website, which is the need of every business. Cheers to this website builder!

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