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A Website Builder That Is Really Useful and Reliable

When you do not know anything about programming and also have no idea how to design a website, you have to rely on a professional to create website for your business. But now you do not need to worry, even if you do not know anything about coding. BlueVoda, the website builder designed by VodaHost, which is a popular web hosting provider, has come to your rescue. It is a website builder with drag and drop tool which makes it easier for every user to create website even if they do not have enough knowledge about HTML or any other programming language. It is a downloadable application, which is downloaded in the form of setup.exe and installed on the computer. However, it does not have an in-browser editing tool to create website. The support is provided to you by means of many other tools. The additional advantage is, this website builder can be downloaded free of cost in order to create website.

BlueVoda, website builder has a user-friendly interface. It is very simple to use which comes with basic features, which are required to create website. Anyone who is able to handle the application software like word and power point presentations can easily use this website builder in order to create website. There are certain features like flash integration and media streaming, which you may not be able to use if you do not have enough knowledge about it. However, the video tutorials can help you out in this regard.
This website builder is not web-based. This means that, it works offline. You have to install the setup. Once the setup is installed, multiple websites can be built on it. However, to launch them you have to order a paid account on VodaHost. Many of the users find this step annoying, but this can be ignored citing other features that are helpful to create website.

BlueVoda is a website builder ideal for building user-friendly websites containing single or multiple pages and having full functionality. This does not require custom coding to create website. Furthermore, its drag and drop tool makes things easier. Various elements and widgets can be added by simply dragging them and dropping at the place of your choice. These elements include images, forms, extensions, flash files, etc. Extracts of HTML code can also be added. Some more features of BlueVoda include SEO feature, FTP, capability to insert complex forms, add coding of flash as well as java, You can also guestbook in it. It also has an ability to import and export pages of HTML. This means that BlueVoda is a website builder that offers all the tools to create website successfully. However, to use some of the features you need to go through some video tutorials to learn the technique of this website builder.

The template gallery of this website builder is rich with hundreds of attractive templates. They are not only eye-catching but also very easy to customize. These templates can be used to create website of any niche. The properties of the elements on each page can be changed with just a click of mouse and template can be modified to appear the way you want it. You can add audio, video and photos to the template. You can also add flash files and streaming media. However, you need to take some training for this.

The support provided by BlueVoda website builder is system built. You can also seek help of community run forum and blogs written by the experts to guide you on how to create website. There are video tutorials provided which explain step-by-step process to create website. You can get support over email and phone from the support desk. There is an option of live chat available in case you want to chat directly with an expert over an issue when you tried to create website.

Technically, BlueVoda website builder can be used free of cost to create website. You just need to download the setup and build website. However, in order to launch your website online you have to create a paid VodaHost account.

Final Verdict
The website builder is really useful and reliable due to its features like drag and drop tools. You can add elements like flash files and streaming media which can make your website look attractive. The customization becomes very easy due to different tools. However, the features of this website builder are much more than the price you pay for the same. Overall, it is an amazing website builder to create website of any type.


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