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A Website Builder Which Taught Me How to Make a Website Easily

It is absolutely true that BlueVoda is the best website builder to learn how to make a website and create website in a jiffy. My father recently retired from a college Principal position. Prior to that he was a Lecturer in English and not only did he have a great command in the subject but he was immensely passionate about it. Now after his retirement, he wanted to do something worthwhile. We gave it a thought and concluded that it was best for him to start Coaching Classes. But coaching classes needed students. How would we spread the word that my father was back as a teacher? Pamphlets and hoardings were too much of hard work and people did not seem interested in it also.

Suddenly I got an idea – why not create website to promote the classes. This would give my father a big platform to promote the classes far and wide. So it was decided that we would create website. But how to create website was the big question. My father was not interested in spending any money so we could not hire website designers. But I didn’t know how to make a website and use a Website builder!

I came to know that the automated website builder helped you to create website. But most of them were extremely complicated and I was looking for an easy Website builder. I kept trying, but nothing was happening. I was all at sea and the idea to create website seemed like a distant dream. We were disappointed. But I could not disappoint my father so I kept on searching and luckily came across BlueVoda website builder. One more website builder, I thought! But then I looked at my father, who was all geared up for his new job. I decided to check it out and I was in for a surprise!

BlueVoda website builder had wonderful features and at no cost at all. The website builder was downloadable and had free of cost Web Page Backgrounds, Logos and Templates. It gave the option to insert streaming flash, plug-ins and scripts to the website and create website of great quality. I hurriedly downloaded the website builder. How to make a website did not seem a problem anymore. In addition, it felt so nice that I could create not one but multiple pages with this website builder.

Still I was scared as I didn’t know how to create website. But BlueVoda Tutorials and Customer Care Representatives helped me learn how to create website. They are so cordial and supported me all through. BlueVoda website builder provided a working space like MS Word. All the accessories like inbox, sign up, and shopping carts etc. were given as Icons. BlueVoda also provided a Drag and Drop function to place the Icons easily. I chose a decent and literary type of Background with light colors and put all the icons very carefully. My father wrote an interesting piece about English Literature and I inserted it.

Afterwards, it took me only a few hours to create website with BlueVoda website builder.
We ordered a web hosting account and by the next day, the website was live on the Internet. It looked so elegant; I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was able to create website like that. My father was really happy to see it. More than his new job, he was so happy about my work. Now if someone would ask me how to make a website, I would laugh and say I can teach you how to create website. But I could not ignore BlueVoda website builder which taught me how to make a website so easily.

We waited for responses and within two weeks many students started sending emails. Some of them wanted admission and some others just had questions for my father. We were very excited, especially my father who was going to start his second innings as a teacher. Consequently, my father’s English Classes were a grand success. After some time my father learnt the internet and started his e-classes also. You know, now the students also learn how to create website. Some of them have also downloaded BlueVoda website builder and create website with it in their spare time. What’s more, now I have a side business, that of a web designer and must say it is very successful. I firmly believe that BlueVoda is an extraordinary website builder to create website.

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