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I am a web designer who has been using different website builder tools to create website for many clients. In a span of a few years, I have managed to build various types of websites like blogs, websites for restaurants, hotels, entertainment groups and even doctors.

I have always used different types of website builder tools to help me create website. However I have to say that of the lot, I find BlueVoda one of the best website builders in the market. There are many reasons for this, which I will explain further on.

For one, BlueVoda is a really great website builder that can be used by not only professional web designers like myself, but is also a great tool that novice web designers can use to create website. The instructions are so easy to follow to that even a 5 year old can easily use the tool to create website.

This is mainly because unlike other website builders in the market there is no need of knowing any form of programming language or HTML to use the software. All you have to do is drag and drop the different elements of the web design as per your specifications and requirements.

While this makes it easy for newbies to create website, it also makes it easy for professionals like me to build websites for my clients and even make any changes they require in a matter of minutes.

With the help of this technology of BlueVoda, I can now easily create all types of websites from scratch ranging from animation to movie sites to even the more in demand e-commerce sites and on-the-dot news sites that give breaking news, weather reports and news clips.

To top it off, I can use this website builder to not only create website to meet everyone’s needs, I can do it so quickly now! Where I once used to take a few hours to create website, I can easily build one from scratch today within half an hour to an hour. This means that BlueVoda now helps me earn more money as I can easily build more websites in a short span of time.

The website builder also helps me save money as there’s no money to pay at all for the website builder to create website. Yes, you heard it right; this website builder is for free. Just need to order hosting with VodaHost.

Though I found this rather irritating at first as I was already using another host for my hosting requirements, once I got used to their host I did not mind using it to host my completed websites. Moreover, VodaHost charges a lower monthly fee than most hosting companies do!

So to the newbie, I would say that this feature of the website builder comes as a bonus as you do not have to search for a web hosting firm to host their websites once they manage to create website. Not only do they have a host at their doorstep, the host is compatible to the websites they create.

Another point I have to mention about BlueVoda is that it is so easy to download; any amateur can do it. All you have to do is head to their website and click on their ‘download’ link and the website builder is downloaded to your computer in a matter of seconds and you can start to create website.

As search engine optimization is important when you create website, I have to mention that this website builder is very highly SEO friendly too. It helps you to easily customize and edit websites to your requirements.

The customer support that BlueVoda offers is also exceptional. There is an excellent forum you can visit to clear any hitches and glitches you may face when you work to create website by just logging into the member forum. Moreover, the customer support is easily available and quickly responds to any requests or queries you pose to them.

As you can try all these features of this website builder to create website for free, there actually is nothing stopping you from giving the tool a try. It is only if you try the website builder and find that you are satisfied to create website with it do you upload the website to the internet using VodaHost and pay only for their hosting services. You get to create website for free and in case you are not satisfied with the website builder, you need not look for a refund or worry about any loss of money!

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