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I first came across the BlueVoda website builder a year ago. I had just started up a club for stay at home moms and needed some form of communication between all the members. A friend suggested that I buy a website; what a coincidence that his job was website design! Anyway the quote he gave me was too much and that is when I started looking for more affordable ways of how to build a website.

I discovered there was a way of learning how to build a website for dummies and it was by using a website builder that did all the scripting for you. I came across a few of these when I typed the term website design into Google but not many of the sites that appeared impressed me though; they were either very basic in terms of their features or you had to agree to lots of adverts appearing on your site.

The BlueVoda website builder was perhaps the fifth website builder that I came across. I read the description and looked over what people were saying on the BlueVoda forum. I decided to give it a go as BlueVoda promised state of the art features when it came to its website design abilities and seem to make the task of learning how to build a website, easy.

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It was quick and easy to download the BlueVoda website builder and straight away I started finding out what BlueVoda website builder could do when it came to website design. I was very impressed, the BlueVoda website builder made it really easy to learn how to build a website.

The website design abilities of the BlueVoda website builder means you can easily match a website made by any professional web master. I decided to use the templates that were available in the how to build a website template manager. They had a range of backgrounds, logos and headings to use; I even experimented a bit and used some of my own simple HTML code to put my twist to the website design.

I can honestly say the number one thing that helped me when it came to the website design were the BlueVoda how to build a website tutorials. These are online so you can access them at any time and the BlueVoda website design tutorials also show you how to build a website in video form so you can play, pause and stop them at your own pace. You can learn in your own time, when and where you want. The BlueVoda website design tutorials teach you how to build a website using the very basic features through to the complicated ones that make your website look real modern.

The final website that I made with BlueVoda website builder consisted of four pages; a home page, a contact page and a page that displayed our forum where all the moms could chat together. The last page was a picture gallery where we could all upload our pictures. I am not lying when I say that anyone can learn how to build a website with BlueVoda website builder; website design has never been so easy and thanks to BlueVoda teaching me how to build a website we now have a thriving club where all stay at home moms can chat with each other for free.

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