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I run a small business which I am really passionate about and I am always focused on providing avenues to provide growth for my organization. I had advertised my products through the print media; newspapers and magazines and sometimes, a few times, even on our local news channel. Later on I found these advertisements to be way too expensive and sought advice from experts in my home town. They all advised me to create website and advertise online. I went to a web designer to create website and indeed I got a website designed, for which they charged me a small quite a bit of money. As it is a small business I couldn’t really afford the rates they were asking to build website for me. Finally, I gave into temptation and out of a lack of another option, requested they build website for me and I just went ahead and got my website up on the net.

I discovered, to my disbelief, that this was just the start of a horror story I had written myself. When I consulted the website maker to update my product reviews, they charged me another 110 dollars! I asked them why. They grinned at me and said that it was a maintenance cost and I needed to pay the same amount (if not maybe sometimes more) to update my website contents. I was crestfallen. If I had to pay these people the money they were asking and because I needed to build website, I would have to let go of half of my staff to run my business without a loss. I dropped the plan to update my website contents forever and decided to learn about the intricacies if I were to try and create website for myself.

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As it turned out, to create website was not as easy as I had thought. I had to spend long hours in front of my PC in online training classes. I could not get enough time to study the market or to take care of my business and it also turned out that the HTML programming language was not really my cup of tea. I realized that it would take away months of my time to learn how to build website on my own and more months to gain expertise in website creation. I was suddenly in the center of a huge create website dilemma, to which I had absolutely no clue to a solution.

There must be an alternative way to create website? What is it?

I was in a search for an alternative method. The other day, my friend was talking to me about free website maker software and advised me to try it at least once. Still looking to build website I Google website maker and the results were pleasing; I got a list of free website maker software and a link to the free BlueVoda free website maker which I read I could use to easily create website. I downloaded and installed the website maker software in no time flat and started on my path to enlightenment. I never realized this could be so easy.

I would recommend this amazing software to everyone who is passionate about going ahead to build website on their own with some imagination and a basic concept of what your website should look like. Using the BlueVoda website maker, you can build website with as much ease as drawing a picture using Microsoft Paint. You are not required to spend even a single dollar to download, install or to use this software on your PC to create website.

There are many build website options and choice buttons in BlueVoda website maker. You can create website in your desired size and resolution, exactly as you want. Adding pictures and making your website more colorful and lively are very easy tasks. Using its resizing boxes, creating web pages in style has never been made easier. You have many options in multiple styles in this website maker. You can add as many fancy buttons as you want to. To create website in pleasing to visitors eyes is easier to increase traffic and click rate of your website links if you build website with BlueVoda.

Music and video uploading, redesigned website templates and Go live option to publish your website to the Internet are some of the few power-enhancing options when you build website with the BlueVoda website maker.

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