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Prior to finding the BlueVoda html editor, I never  knew that just anyone could create a website. As a small business owner I knew I needed a presence on the internet but  had thought that to create a website you must use a web designer and their prices were not cheap. A friend who had recently launched his business on the internet then told me how to make a website. Just use a html editor he said!
I really did not know how to create a website so I turned to the search engine, typed in html editor and pages after pages of websites came up.  Some of them wanted a lot of money, some of them said I could easily create a website but their  html editor was severely lacking in features.  Other sites said they would teach you how to make a website and then they seemed to abandon you half way through.

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I wanted to learn how to make a website that was state-of-the-art and better than  all my competitors but  I was on the verge of giving up and ringing a web designer to tell him to create a website for me. My last stop was the BlueVoda html editor and once I had downloaded it I was really relieved. It seemed that I had finally found a html editor that would help me learn how to make a website.
It was a dream come true as finally I could create a website by using a html editor that was easy to use and simple to understand. I was really impressed because BlueVoda  had  video tutorials on their website that explained  their  html editor in an simple way and the videos also gave step by step instructions on how to make a website.
Within a week I was able to say that I knew how to make a website using a html editor,  which is something that not many people can say they know how to do. I actively encourage any businesses to create a website using the BlueVoda html editor. How to make a website has suddenly become the easiest thing to do since learning your  ABCs.
I always wondered in the past why webmasters would not let you know the tricks and techniques that they used to create a website and now I know why. It is because anyone can learn how to make a website by using a simple html editor like BlueVoda.
If you want to know how to make a website then download the BlueVoda html editor and you can create a website today. The best way to think of a website is as your shop and you would not give someone keys to it so why would you let a web designer have control over your website. I strongly recommend to anyone to create a website by using the BlueVoda html editor; learning how to make a website not only gives you total control but it saves you  hundreds of dollars at the same time.

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