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Aishling used the BlueVoda website builder to create website because she owns a sailing boat and in the summer months thoroughly enjoys making money commanding her boat around the cost of Galway, taking tourists and holiday-makers on short, recreational trips and generally enjoying the weather. She had noticed that recently though, in the few months run-up to the summer, the number of bookings that she was taking was significantly lower than she had expected or ever previously taken. This was a big blow to her income. She hadn’t done much advertising work in truth, relying more on word of mouth and chance encounters. She realized that she would have to create website to get information about her bookable sailing boat out to the rest of the world.

It was the BlueVoda website builder that stepped in to save the day because of how incredibly easy it was to use to create website. Ashling barely used computers beyond sending the odd e-mail; the idea of her using a website builder to create website bordered on ridiculous as she did not know how to make a website. It was one of her friends who told Aishling about the free BlueVoda website builder over coffee and told her that she needn’t know how to make a website to use it and to just play around with the BlueVoda website builder. Using BlueVoda website builder, she gradually found that all the tools she needed to create website from scratch to inform the world of her service and sell trips on her sailing boat were here, bundled into the BlueVoda website builder in one easy to use package to make a website. There were tutorial videos which really detailed how to make a website for every part of her site and helped her get started to make a website. She feels she was in a great position to create website with all the available media and tools at her disposal to teach her how to make a website. She looked around the image library and through all the free logos, templates and backgrounds and used the ones she liked best to create website.

She called up some past customers who are good friends and got them to write a few reviews and testimonials for her website that she created with BlueVoda website builder and dug through her photo collection. She was surprised to find that she had documented her travels really well and had some really nice photos to import into the website builder.

Slowly but surely, Aishling got used to the BlueVoda website builder and settled in to create website. She approached it cautiously; making sure that at every point to make a website was smart and professional looking. She built a main page and pictures and she created a contact page, an image gallery and a customer review page. She even made a page with detailed statistics about the sailing boat she uses.

It took a little while to get some interest but slowly but surely, orders began coming in for coast trips and Aishling knew it was down to the website she had created with the BlueVoda website builder. She has even had e-mails from different continents, prospectively enquiring about her sailing day-trip business.

A year has passed from the first time Aishling had used the BlueVoda website builder to create website and once again her sailing boat is healthily booked for summer excursions, tearing hell-bent about the Galway coast. She has expanded her website in the time too, adding suggestions of new routes and destinations and it’s something she really enjoys.

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