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BlueVoda saves money and time spent for web design

For creating your own website or a website for your business, you will need to use a tool to create a web site. “How to make your own website” is a popular how-to topic that everyone wants to know these days. Thereby the costs of hiring a third party web design firm can get reduced substantially.

The software that can be used, to create website and how to make a website of your own, is known as html editor. HTML is the language used to create website. There is much commercial html editor software in the market. These cost several hundred dollars each in basic license fees.  Examples of these html editor tools are Frontpage and Dreamweaver. Though these can be used to build your website, there is a free html editor tool available which you can use. That software is BlueVoda from VodaHost.

All the features found in the paid “build your website” tools and html editor software are congregated in the free BlueVoda web site design tool which you can use to create a web site. This html editor tool download size is only 5 MB. It doesn’t demand much system resources and can work on common Windows based home PCs also. It is fast to load and intuitive to get used to.

There are video tutorials available for you to get started using BlueVoda html editor. They cover the most common web design tasks and how to use BlueVoda to get them done.

In addition to the video tutorials, you can also use the support forum for BlueVoda html editor, free of cost. There, other people who are also using BlueVoda can help you out with your queries regarding the use of BlueVoda html editor to build your website.

When you are using BlueVoda html editor to build your website, it is a simple matter of point and click at the toolbar buttons you want inserted into the web page you are building. BlueVoda html editor uses the familiar Windows user interface methodologies and does not assume any special skills.

You can add tables, forms, ad banners, guestbooks, ad rotators, Flash files, audio and video clips, Java applets, etc. any and all of them to your web page when you build your website using BlueVoda html editor. The code required for proper display in browsers, is automatically generated by BlueVoda html editor.

You will find that the auto code generated by BlueVoda is already optimized and standards compliant with W3C standards. You will not need to change the automatic code generated, but you can tweak the code if you want to do so. Just right click on any object and choose HTML properties option to change the code to custom code.

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BlueVoda html editor tool is lean and mean and is able to run on common Windows home PCs. It doesn’t demand large system resources like the other html editor software out there.

Once you have created all your web pages by using BlueVoda html editor, you can then save and upload/transfer the files using the built-in FTP functionality to Vodahost, the web hosting company who are the creators of this BlueVoda html editor. They can host the site at very reasonable hosting fees.

If you are lazy to learn how to build your website using BlueVoda html editor, then you can use the free website templates that come with BlueVoda – you can use them free even for commercial purposes.

By using BlueVoda html editor to build your website, you are saving tons of money that you would otherwise be paying, to web design consultants or firms. You can do this yourself (build your website) using BlueVoda html editor and you can learn and have fun at the same time.

Once you achieve mastery and are able to build your website using BlueVoda html editor, then you can earn some money by helping others get their websites done also. This way you can put BlueVoda html editor to your personal financial use and you can get satisfaction also, by helping others. You can do the web design for non profits and charity organizations also in your spare time, for free, if you are willing to do that.

BlueVoda html editor is your first stop when you want to build your website the easy and simple way. This software being completely free to use, in the spirit of the free Internet, is very impressive in terms of functions and power that rival the functions found in paid html editor tools.

BlueVoda html editor tool will help you get your money from the Internet. By using PayPal buttons in BlueVoda which you can then add to your web page, you can allow payment options from your visitors to buy your goods, products or services. You don’t need to pay any commission or royalty or monthly fees for this functionality, which other html editors/shopping cart software may charge for.

So if you compare paid shopping cart software sites that charge you for every sale you make in the form of a commission payable to them, you can see that, by using BlueVoda html editor to build your website, you can save that money for yourself.

BlueVoda to build your website has been available for many years now, and thousands of people have already used this html editor and have given their customer testimonials about the tool. This html editor is very simple to use to build your website in no time at all.

Even newbies to web site design are able to comfortably work with BlueVoda html editor, in a matter of a few hours. So you shouldn’t be facing any foreseeable problem using this free tool to build your website.

So you can head on over to, the home of this free html editor, download the tool, give it a spin, and build your website today!

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