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BlueVoda website builder is a brilliant application

I am a jeweler by profession and own my own jewelry shop of which I am very proud. Some days ago now, a friend of mine suggested that I build a website for my shop to increase my sales and let people see the designs of jewelry that I have in stock and thus give me the great exposure I wanted for my store. For this purpose the first thing that I bought was the domain for the website. By good fortune I found the exact domain name that I was looking for. It was going well so far but now I had to make the website design and I actually didn’t have an idea of how to build a website. Someone advised me to use a piece of website builder software. I searched for how to build a website on the internet and arrived at Dreamweaver (I’d heard good things). I tried my luck and skill at making a website design with the trial version of that but it was way too complicated to use and also it needed a lot of coding and many complexities so I stopped using that. It also cost nearly $400. No thanks.

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It was only later that I found the BlueVoda website builder in a trawl through the internet; it was a free how to build a website solution so I thought I’d have a go at making a website design with it. I downloaded it and then installed it. I was expecting it to be like other website builders, but it was way more simple and easy enough to use to create a website design even by the people who don’t know how to build a website (yup, that’s me!). It has very simple, single-click functions, the BlueVoda website builder helps in providing you with a perfect website design for your website and so how to build a website becomes a really easy and fun job.

The BlueVoda website builder teaches you how to build a website and how to put videos in your site with just a single click; this feature is not available in many pieces of such software. Secondly being a jeweler, the main thing of interest to me was the addition of pictures which is extremely easy with the BlueVoda website builder. The BlueVoda website builder even helps you make an image slide-show in your website, which seems a fairly advanced feature in the website design but BlueVoda even made it possible for the people who don’t have the first idea of how to build a website. Cool. The BlueVoda website builder also provides you with the function of single-click module addition and thus provides you with the best website design possible. One can also very quickly and easily put java modules in their site also if they are using the BlueVoda. There’s also no way I could not mention the ease with which you can put flash in your website. Most of the latest and advanced forms of website design are based on flash and it is for this reason the BlueVoda website builder make it possible for us to figure out how to build a website put flash in our website designs. I myself placed a few videos of my jewelry shop on my website so that more and more people can see the designs and variety of stuff in my shop.

For me and all those who don’t know how to build a website, the BlueVoda website builder is a brilliant website design solution, which is free and very easy to use and I would recommend readily for those people who want to know how to build a website. Thanks are due to BlueVoda, I feel.

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