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BlueVoda website builder software is top rated!

BlueVoda website builder is a program you can use to build your website and directly publish it on your registered domain. You do not need to learn any code; all you need is to know how to operate computer and how to use the internet. With BlueVoda, it is now very easy to create a website. Individuals that are new to website building can use BlueVoda for free, yes it is 100% free. The BlueVoda website builder  and VodaHost web hosting will save your time and work.

A good description of BlueVoda is that it is a Drag & Drop 100% free website builder which allows an individual user with little or no experience to be able to build a standard website. Creating website should no longer be a problem for everyone as long as they start using BlueVoda even when they have no experience about HTML codes. This is because with BlueVoda, no HTML or coding knowledge is needed. Creating everything from a simple webpage to dynamic website that has multiple pages is possible. On the BlueVoda is included some pre-designed website templates which is accessibly online with just one click, it is also possible to download many free logos from the image library including website header, templates and webpage backgrounds. BlueVoda website builder also has a built-in help system, a video tutorials that will show you how to design your new web site without wasting time. The community forum is also a useful resource that assists BlueVoda website builder users as well. One interesting thing with BlueVoda website builder is that it is completely free. However, a VodaHost web hosting account is all you need to publish your new Web site on the Internet for the world to see. For more information on VodaHost, visit their website on and order your account.

Do you know that a good number of people around the world are interested in creating a website of their own, but have no idea how to begin.  The good news now is that BlueVoda website builder has come to minimize the stress of creating a website for everyone. By just following the online tutorials when you want to create a website using BlueVoda, you are one step ahead to launch your new website by using the BlueVoda website builder. Just knowing what you want, how you want it and when you want it, BlueVoda  and VodaHost makes it easy. A friend of mine thought that you needed to be a wizard or genius before you can build a website, until I introduced him to BlueVoda website builder. Now, he can create a website at will. Apart from my friend, there have been several testimonials regarding BlueVoda website builder because people are so delighted that the program saves them a lot of energy, time and stress. To confirm this, you can visit BlueVoda website at to see what people are saying about the software program. Most people are too busy to learn HTML coding. Thanks to BlueVoda website builder for giving such people the opportunity of building a website without stress.

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The installation kit for BlueVoda website builder is small when compared to other software programs, it has only 4.3MB which makes download easier but when installed on your system you will notice that it is small in size but mighty in efficiency. The interface of the program is completely customizable to suit you. For instance, all the toolbars can be positioned wherever you want it and it is possible to drag the menu bar to anywhere that makes it most convenient for you.

You don’t need any programming skills to use the software.  You will also learn new terms like, Navigation Bar, Flash, Map, Image and ActiveX controls. The program comes with links and video tutorials to guide your learning.

BlueVoda website builder has a many options available, and you can customize it by adding and removing buttons as needed, such as, the Extra Tools which allows site builder to add image rollovers and banners including ad banner.

Let’s not go into explaining the toolbars here, but after installing the program click on the Video Tutorials button and you will get to know all about using the buttons of the program. Then you can check out all of the beautiful templates too. It is a very good idea to join the Community forum and interact with other users to share your experiences. Also not to go unmentioned, is that the BlueVoda program was rated among top ten free quality software programs you should download by Graham Roberts-Phelps, Director of Virtual Palplus (UK). So what are you waiting for? Hurry to download your BlueVoda website builder and start having fun!

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