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BlueVoda Website Builder version 12.2

BlueVoda 12.2 is Here!

The arrival of the BlueVoda website builder 12.2 marks the greatest and most powerful BlueVoda release ever! Whatever your background, whatever your training, dozens of new BlueVoda features and countless improvements conspire to bolster the BlueVoda mission statement; to provide everyone, everywhere with all the tools needed to successfully build a fantastic website and get it live on the Internet by tomorrow morning!

Everyone, Everywhere!

In the eyes of the aspiring novice website builder, website design often appears to be very difficult. It is a technical venture, reliant on precise technologies that few understand fully or have mastery over. This can make the building of your website very costly. Traditionally website building combines creativity with technical expertise with minds-eye creativity. That’s has all changed with the development of the BlueVoda website builder and now BlueVoda 12.2 means the end of heartache for aspiring web designers around the globe.

BlueVoda doesn’t require the designer to write a single line of HTML or CSS code or even have a passing knowledge of the hypertext-transfer protocol. It provides the user a blank workspace to fill as their creativity sees necessary. All elements are added with a single click and then edited and positioned easily. BlueVoda aims to be the beginning of a complete, easy and hands-on website building experience.

BlueVoda 12.2 will empower millions of aspiring website builders to get their website up, live on the Internet and they’ll be able to do without any previous website building experience.

Dozens of new features!

Version 12.2 of the website builder adds many new features and improvements to BlueVoda, ranging from whole new features to further options and even just small bug fixes. BlueVoda 12.2 also includes features designed to make your website more W3C compliant to be sure that your website displays correctly across all the major web browsers.

Included in the improvements are features to govern every part of your website building campaign. A few of the new features in 12.2 are listed below:

  • New feature: Add option ‘Generate external CSS style sheets for page specific styles’
  • New feature: Add option ‘Generate single CSS style sheet for global styles’
  • New feature: Add option ‘Generate external JavaScript file for common code’
  • New feature: Add ‘Remove PHP code during preview’ option, to be able to preview PHP pages locally.
  • New feature: Add ‘Disable IE security warning during preview’ to preview options.
  • New feature: Automatic backup option. Makes a backup copy of projects every 5, 15, or 30 minutes.
  • New feature: Add option to (automatically) make a backup of the project on the server.
  • New feature: Add the ability to specify the target folder for published files. Not only can you set the ‘images’ folder, but also for other types like swf, pdf, mp3, movies etc…
  • New feature: Implement proportional resizing for all objects: Hold down SHIFT + Bottom-Right handle while resizing.
  • New feature: Add ‘Paste in Place’ in the main and context menu.
  • New feature: Add ‘Enable HTML encoding’ in HTML options. This will save the document with the selected codepage/charset. Unicode improvement.
  • New feature: Add the ability to center a popup window in linksNew feature: Add ‘Don’t publish’ option to objects. This allows you to exclude an object’s assets from being published.

Note: The above list is certainly not exhaustive. It represents but a fraction of the new features included in BlueVoda version 12.2

30 Minutes!

There are other website builders on the market but their ease of use is nothing compared to BlueVoda; it can take weeks to learn FrontPage, and it can take months to get started with the massively expensive Adobe DreamWeaver. The BlueVoda website builder can be downloaded for free*, learned in minutes and you can be done with your first few web pages before the day is out.

You’re fully supported too! At hand are our VodaTalk community forum, our VodaSupport help-desk and there are multiple BlueVoda video tutorials to guide you as you work!

BlueVoda is available if you have a PC which runs the Windows Operating System then you can download, install and use BlueVoda to get straight to work building your first or next website!

Seemless workflow and the similarity to a program such as Microsoft Word means that the BlueVoda experience is easy and great from the word go! BlueVoda’s philosophy is: “Just Build It!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

BlueVoda is by far the most comprehensive and powerful website builder for personal computers and offers the most complete website building experience available for home use.

BlueVoda’s sophisticated HTML generation engine means that you can add just about any web-element, and therefore just about any functionality, to the web pages that you create in any location. Subsequently you have full control to edit, re-size and move any web element at any time in any way.

BlueVoda is a tool that can be used to create a website that is static or dynamic with truly incredible results.

You are limited only by your imagination!

BlueVoda Links and Resources

*A VodaHost web hosting account is required to publish web pages created with BlueVoda to the Internet

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