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Everyone considers website creation to be a tough and complicated process which is better left to the experts. Jane has a small custom garment business and she wanted to expand her business and get more customers from all over. An online presence was the only way she could do it. She had the option of contracting out the service to website creation professionals to design website for her. She came across BlueVoda and chose to go the BlueVoda way, saving herself hundreds of dollars and giving herself the satisfaction of website creation which reflected her personality and built up her business.

For Jane to design website to showcase her garments was a daunting task. All she was familiar was with internet and Microsoft Office. With BlueVoda website builder which has a similar interface as Office apps, she had the confidence to go ahead to design website. There are hundreds of templates and images available for free download which can be used to give a professional and customized look to websites. Video tutorials available for download are easy to understand and give complete guidance to a newbie like Jane in her website creation efforts using the website builder. Jane set about her task to design website with confidence and was able to do the website creation using this website builder to give an extremely professional appearance. What did Jane like about BlueVoda?

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• Drag and drop facility to place text and images on a page, even videos, and position them accurately;

• Create an image gallery to show case her garments using website builder for website creation

• An online shopping cart with PayPal facility to make her website truly an online shopping outlet using BlueVoda website builder to design website.

When Jane started to design website for her business using BlueVoda she did not expect such professional results. It was so easy to design website and then upload the site from within BlueVoda website builder using its inbuilt FTP application to her VodaHost hosting account. Now Jane has an established online presence through her website creation and orders are flowing in from afar, boosting her business no end. Jane can update the websites daily and post sale and other offers whenever she wants to using BlueVoda website builder as the best website creation (and updating) tool she will ever need.

If you too are a small business owner or a professional looking to expand business, BlueVoda website builder can be used easily to design website that will give a boost to business. It has an easy to use intuitive interface and can be learnt in a short time. Get started and save hundreds of dollars learning how to design website and deploy them using BlueVoda. Website creation has never been easier.

Jane’s needs for website builder and website creation are simple today. Tomorrow they will grow more sophisticated. Website builder from BlueVoda has all the answers to design website as much for today as for the enhanced needs of tomorrow when business expands.

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