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In a world where the Internet has created a revolution, understanding how it all works should not be difficult. However, the need to know programming languages, HTML coding, and a pile of other technical jargon makes it difficult for a non-technical person to learn how to build a website. I belonged to the latter category, having no knowledge of any of the above. I was a fresh graduate in History. Even my friends were miles away from the field of website development. I did not just want to create a website design; I also wanted to know how to build a website without prior expertise.

I hail from a small village. In my area, Internet came a little late. And most people in my region have no ideas as how to build a website. People would look at me with raised eyebrows when I would tell them that it costs a few thousand dollars to create a website design, complete with other factors. I had access to few website design books. However, I could not really read how to build a website in any of those books. Hence, my mission to learn how to build a website took me to a website builder called BlueVoda.

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I must mention here that though I wanted to know how to build a website, I had no understanding of creating website design, and website builder. BlueVoda, at first, seemed to me like yet another tool designed to extract money from my pocket. However, once I saw the demo of this website builder, I was elated. The video explained how I can use this website builder to create a website with a look of my choice, and also how to build a website with ease. I learned the process of creating website design in one click using the BlueVoda website builder.

The features of BlueVoda website builder were simple to understand. I did not have to deal with technical jargon while learning how to build a website using this website builder. BlueVoda website builder had interesting features like drag-and-drop, pre-designed website templates, integration with Flash elements, and customizing a website design. Having no idea of website design, I created my first website design in 60 minutes. Within a month of using BlueVoda website builder, I improved my own record, and I created another website design in 45 minutes.

BlueVoda has helped me in ways more than one. It taught me how to build a website from scratch. It also trained me in improving my visual sense to develop aesthetic website design that can attract more and more users. When I look back and remember those days when I had no idea as how to build a website, I smile at myself. Today, I can create a website in less time. Even my programmer friends are jealous of my talent now. All this would not have been possible without BlueVoda. BlueVoda is definitely a website builder for everybody. Anybody can use it because it is very easy to use and very, very, cheap to use too.

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