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I came across BlueVoda website maker when it looked like I was going to lose a client. This client was my best payer and always paid on time. By trade I build website and this client always got in touch with me every week to create website of one page. One page sites are known in the trade as landing pages and will act as a link to the main website. I would build website for him and place links within the page to his main site.

When the economic crisis dawned on us, the client told me that he was going to have to cut down on advertising costs and no longer had a budget to build website. I didn’t want to lose him and a fellow website maker suggested that I cut down on costs by using software to create website instead of build website from scratch.

I immediately got back in touch with the client and explained the alternative option of how to build website. He was delighted at the price cut and agreed. I now however, had to find software to create website in half the time. I knew the place to search for website maker software was Google so I started a search. Immediately I came across BlueVoda website maker software.

BlueVoda website maker promised a lot including a perfected website that would match any website created from scratch. It was free to receive the create website software so I filled in my email address and within an hour the BlueVoda website maker Software had been downloaded to my desk top.

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While I was waiting for the create website software to download, I had browsed through the community forum, step by step tutorials and built-in help system for the BlueVoda website maker software. Everything seemed too good to be true but the software was free so I was not worried.

I typed in my user-name and password to enter the create website software and was faced with a blank page. From this blank page there was the ability to insert free logos, templates and backgrounds. All my written content was ready to copy and paste onto the page. The videos that I had to insert were already on You Tube and I simply got the embedding code from there and within 5 clicks the video was up and running.

This was unbelievable. Previously it had taken me a whole week to create website for this client. Now I could do it within a matter of hours. Everything I needed to build website was at the tip of my fingers in a simple drag and drop fashion. The best was still to come though.

Previously when I was using my old system to build website and publish to the world-wide web, I had to mess around with FTP accounts. I purchased a VodaHost plan and within three clicks the page was live. It looked exactly how it did in the create website software.

BlueVoda website maker software helped me in so many ways. I was able to keep a good paying client, by offering him a reduced rate. The amount of time that I saved on build website meant I could take on other customers as well.

I used the BlueVoda website maker software to build a one page website however you can use it to build website of unlimited pages and images. This is not something that you get with other free create website software.

Whether you want to use a website maker for business or pleasure, simply head over to BlueVoda, download their create website software and go from there. Build website has never been so easy.

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