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As a general technology user, I have found that it is easy to find anything online. So when I was told to create a website as an assignment for one of my classes, I found the BlueVoda website builder. Compared to other available website makers, I found the instructions provided by BlueVoda were the easiest to follow.

I could not believe that to create a website, it only took less than an hour compared to the other trials in which I had spent hours trying to figure them out from their instruction manuals. All I had to do before I was able to create a website is fill in my particulars such as my name and e-mail address before starting the download for the software. At first I was hesitant to download the software, worrying whether it would be compatible with my computer but this website builder is compatible with Windows XP which makes it much easier for installation.

The website maker does not even take up much space unlike other programs. BlueVoda website maker makes it easy for amateurs like me to create a website and the end result is just as good as any other sites online. The website builder is indeed useful to create a website because my website looks very professional and authentic. The best feature of the BlueVoda website builder is that there no required shipping cost for the program in post or waiting for delivery instead all it takes is a few minutes to download.

It makes using the website builder more time efficient and the instructions given were pretty straightforward as in the BlueVoda website maker, I did not have to copy and paste codes after codes like in other programs to create a website. The best part is that BlueVoda is a free website builder and this is definitely a great plus point in helping me to create a website. I also find that the download process of the website builder was much faster and without hassle unlike certain programs which are constantly blocked by my computers’ antivirus.

I find this website maker has no such problem when you are looking to create a website and it is safe to be downloaded on to the computer.  There are many design choices presented in the BlueVoda website builder for users. When you’re searching for a website maker to create a website, BlueVoda tops the list, just because of the simple to understand method and instructions.

To set the design of my choice, all that was required was to click on the icon of the design choice and the website maker incorporates it with the program. To make it simple for users, I just need to search for the template in the website builder and drag it and drop it to the position as guided by the instructions.

As I am not really well versed with the language of website makers and have no prior experience, I was fretting to set the technical part of the website making but the website builder helped to direct me in the process without the need be educated on the matter first. With BlueVoda website maker, the arrangement is pretty clear.

This has to be one of the best aspects of using the BlueVoda website builder to create a website because all I had to was to drag and drop the icons.  Due to my poor knowledge in making websites, I had an idea that to create a website I would at least need a tutorial from the website builder but BlueVoda had no such need because the program was not only direct but also user friendly.

To use the website maker in order to create a website, I did not have to waste hours trying to figure out commands or codes instead the directions guided and took me step by step till I had completed the website fully. I had managed to not only create a website with a high-tech website builder but manage to do so without even having the previous knowledge on computer programming. I can say that using BlueVoda website builder is indeed an excellent option and what’s more; the downloaded program can be used to create more websites.

BlueVoda website maker has no limit to the number times you use it to create a website. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for me to be more involved online and probably I can create other sites dedicated to my interests. BlueVoda website builder is really useful for anyone to use to create a website based on their idea and interest.

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