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My friends have always helped me when it comes to picking the best website builder for my online business. However, every website maker that they have recommended didn’t fit my requirements. Finally, I realized that if I really wanted to create website that is efficient and reliable, I needed to do everything from scratch by myself. But since I knew nothing about programming, I felt like I couldn’t create website without the help of a good website builder.

Good thing, I came across the website builder called BlueVoda, which is a WYSIWYG software that works with just a few clicks. As I researched about this website builder and started trying it, I found out that it’s easier than I imagined. In just a matter of hours, I was able to learn the basics on how to create website by using point and click technique. It’s as if I’m using a professional website builder!

Everyone can download BlueVoda and easily install it on their computer. Compared to others, it does not offer in-browser editors. This is actually a good thing since you can use it anytime even without the internet to create website.

There are so many things I loved about BlueVoda, including the following that I have listed below, which I hope could help you create website easily.

There are various designs to choose from:
For those who want to create website without the help of any template, this website builder can give you just that. Most website builders in the market offer different new templates each month but BlueVoda does not. It is simple, hassle-free and efficient. For people who do not have free time to experiment, BlueVoda provides ready-made templates that are all available in their Image Gallery.

Hassle-free to create website:
Though BlueVoda does not possess a remarkable interface, it provides an intuitive and straightforward control panel, which is user-friendly to everyone who create website. It’s toolbar icons are just like in Microsoft Word that includes Copy and Paste, New Page, Save and others. Also, this website builder has a function that lets you key in different features including images, login form and HTML codes. This website builder also lets you customize your site, which is essential if you want to create website. Due to the simple FTP interface of this website builder, you can upload your site easier and faster. Another good thing about BlueVoda is its drag and drop functions. In addition, the drop-down selectors of this website builder makes formatting your page easier. Personally, I was able to choose typeface, colors and text size as well as exchange text styles like customized headings and formats. It also has different selections for texts and page backgrounds and text in mechanism and dialog boxes. When you create website, you can easily include embedded content types into your website. As a whole, though this website builder is simple to use, it is still best to watch the provided video tutorials especially if you want to know more on how to create website.

Customer support:
If there’s one thing that I am happy about this website builder is the fact that it offers all that I want to create website efficiently. It offers over one hundred logos and buttons that you can download for free. In addition to that, you can make use of its video tutorials that provides all the steps that you need to create website. Newbies will be satisfied with this because of its community forum where as everybody can ask questions and share their experiences with other people on how to create website with the use of BlueVoda. If you want some questions answered, you are free to submit a support ticket to their website.

Great features:
This website builder has numerous features which can make your website more professional. These features include RealPlayer, YouTube and QuickTime videos. This website builder also has e-commerce functions which lets you add Paypal, making payments easier for you and your prospective clients.

If you are skeptical about it, there are a lot of reviews that you can read about on to create website. Personally, I loved it and I can say that it is the best thing that I have tried.

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