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BlueVoda is the most effective website builder that I have ever come across. For a travel guru like me who cannot afford to create a website by hiring a professional website builder, this innovative website maker is a dream come true. It is easy to use and unlike the expensive and popular website makers such as Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage, which take months to learn it properly, one can easily drag and drop website elements using BlueVoda and create a website. It is not necessary to be proficient in HTML or any of the other coding languages that are necessary to create a website. You have at your disposal an array of beautiful and professional templates to you as your creativity allows you to. One can make use of the image library from BlueVoda website builder. There are hundreds of free logos, headers, footers and other webpage backgrounds, which one can use for building websites that look like they were professionally designed.

I first came across BlueVoda when I wanted to create a website to document my Round the World Trip. The plan was to write about all the destinations that I would visit and perhaps even make a little bit of traveling money by selling adverts on the site. I found a professional website builder however he wanted thousands of dollars and I needed this money to fund my trip. Being the resourceful person that I am, I started to search the web for a cheap website maker and came across BlueVoda website maker software.

It is cheaper, quicker and helps you create websites and publish them within minutes. BlueVoda website maker can make website designing an interesting activity. In today’s market, it is important to have a strong presence on the internet for increasing sales as well as brand establishing. Unless you know how to create a website or you have the proper budget to employ the services of a professional website maker, one can never improve their business marketing strategy. Advantages of using BlueVoda website builder is that there is no restriction on the number of sites one can build with this amazing application.

This website maker promised that you did not need any knowledge of HTML or CSS to create a website as everything would be done by the website builder user panel. This user panel of the website maker software was based on a WYSIWYG format so instead of high tech language, it would be just like drawing a picture.

I decided to create a website with this website maker software so proceeded to download it. While I was waiting, I came across the website builder tutorials that they have available. This was fantastic as they were all in a video format and showing the process and instructions on how to create a website. Viewing the website builder tutorials gave me a lot more confidence and I was starting to think that I could create a website which would match the standards of a professional website maker. I was eager to get started and opened up the website builder user panel as soon as the download had finished.

The website maker software has a built in library of free templates, backgrounds and logos that would form the backdrop to my site. To progress with learning how to create a website, all I had to do was insert images and content. I also realized that this website builder would suit my needs perfectly because I could update as I was traveling, instead of sending all my pictures and content to someone else who would charge. So looking at it, the website maker software had actually saved me money in the long run.

Once I started reading further about travel writing, I realized there was another avenue to make money and that was by affiliate schemes. Using the website maker software, I added banners and logos to my sites for other sites. It was so easy to insert my affiliate link using the easy panel on the website builder software. It did not take long to create a website by using the BlueVoda website maker software. Even though I was pleased with the result, I joined the website builder forum so I could gain feedback from other members who had used the website builder software to create a website.

The feedback was great and as well as learning how to create a website, I was also introduced to the world of SEO. This meant that I could get my site onto the first page of Google for travel destinations, therefore increasing my chances of making money from Google adverts and affiliate links. My site is all set up with images, route map and a contact form. Next week I will be setting off on my round the world trip and already I have 400 fans. Use BlueVoda website builder software if you need to create a website and enjoy the freedom as well as the ability to save lots of money.

BlueVoda website builder is completely clean and easily downloadable. One should not worry about spam, adware, spyware, malware and other harmful software that can prove to be a threat to your computer. This advanced form of website maker also allows the website builder to add plug-ins, streaming media, scripts, flash, and more. One can go online and check all the different options that are available for this. Once you are well versed with the first few steps to create a website, you can then try and acquaint yourself on how to add the advanced forms of scripts, flashes and other exciting functionalities to make a difference to your website.

To create a website, all that you would need is a laptop or desktop, internet connection and BlueVoda website maker. One can download this website builder from the net. BlueVoda website builder and its setup instructions are available as a downloadable link. Everything starting from the simple home page of a site to multi-page sites can be built within minutes. You also have easy-to-use tutorials available to gain understanding on how to create a website. There is BlueVoda forum, where one can post queries on how to create a website and about the use of this website builder. Furthermore there is 24/7 online help available from the support services.

Earlier, I could only create a website with simple pages for basic utility. Now, I have been able to update my sites into a complete functional website with galleries and choice for clients to pay for the services. My business has improved tremendously with this website maker. This website maker has turned my business into a profitable enterprise. I have been able to do this without wasting any time on buying a website maker or actually hiring a professional for building the site. Create a website with this website maker without worrying about anything else.

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