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Few of my friends and even my business partner had advised me to take my business online and create website to explore new business opportunities. But, I always thought that a small business like mine did not need to create website. You expand your business for the entire nation or for the world only after you have become locally successful. I am the owner of a small business of homemade fashion jewellery. Probably, this was the reason why I totally ignored all the suggestions. Initially, my business did very well ‘by word of mouth’ publicity. Later on, to give a further boost to my business, I adopted local marketing strategies like distributing pamphlets, putting up banners in the vicinity and so on. But there was not much of an improvement. It was not that my business was running in a loss, I was doing pretty ok but I wanted to do very well. I guess my business had reached a saturation level. The profits that it generated, stuck to a particular level from where it refused to deter. I realized that if I intended in doing something big, I had to take my business to another level. This led to tremendous research on my end. I explored various marketing books, talked to other business men and women and realized that developing a website was very crucial for my business.

This was an unexplored domain for me and I did not want to make a mistake. I therefore took each and every step cautiously. I explored all the possibilities of developing a website with a website builder which I must admit sounded very complicated and challenging.  Amidst to all this research and exploration, I came across a website builder called BlueVoda which claimed that I can create website of my choice in almost 30 minutes and that too without any technical background. This sounded too good to believe. This being my first time, I never wanted to fall into the trap of any false claims. I therefore decided to check the authenticity of their claims. My husband suggested that I should check the BlueVoda website builder website for customer testimonials and further references. I personally contacted them and tried clarifying most of my doubts through them. The interesting part was that all five of the clients of this website builder company that I contacted, seemed to be pretty impressed and satisfied with BlueVoda website builder. Having contacted a few of them, the BlueVoda website builder seemed to be the safest bet. However, I was still apprehensive. How is it possible for anyone to create website in thirty minutes? Still, I decided to take a chance and download the copy of BlueVoda website builder to create website of my own choice as per my own preference. I had heard from my friends that it is not easy to create website. It requires complex coding and HTML knowledge. But here I was, trying to create website without any prior coding and technical know-how with this website builder.

Once I started using the BlueVoda website builder, not even once, I felt that I was a newbie. With easy access to their pre-designed logos, web templates and website backgrounds, I had the liberty to pick and utilize the one I like. Their easy to use drag-and-drop, point- and-click features made it incredibly convenient for the first time user like me. It allowed me to create website so easily that I guess even my nineteen year old daughter would be able to do it. I was amazed with the assortment of the pre-designed templates that BlueVoda website builder offers to its customers. Their library has an amazing collection with myriad different options. It was not like being bound to selected few templates and designs. I could create website designs from numerous options of background images and templates. Additionally, BlueVoda website builder made editing and resizing graphics tremendously easy for me. I really enjoyed the freedom to mix – match and explore different looks and designs. I never thought that within matter of few hours, I would have several website designs ready for my business. The website builder that I downloaded to create website was free from any malware and viruses. It was very clean and totally free of pop-ups, which made things much easier for me. The best part about the BlueVoda website builder was that it gave me the liberty to create website with as many web pages as I wanted – without charging anything extra for it. This made it easier for me to display my jewellery collection neatly into different segments on different pages. After having finalized my website, I could launch my website in just one click.  Within seconds, my business was online catering to customers worldwide, Wow! No one can believe that I was able to create website without any professional help. Now in order to publish using BlueVoda you have to host your site with VodaHost which offers great web hosting packages.

This website builder not only allowed me to create website but also assisted me in making it a pleasurable and an easy affair. I never would off thought that it would be this simple to create website and expand my business on a wider platform. My affiliation with the BlueVoda website builder to create website has been for more than 7 months now. I keep on adding new products, prices and even articles and blogs on to my website without any professional help and additional cost.  This allows me to keep my website up-to-date and stylish. I must say, in these few months my sales have increased tremendously, undoubtedly giving a boost to my revenue. I no longer have to worry about reaching out to my clients. My total concentration is, on increasing the productivity and targeting the right customer at the right time.

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