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It is very easy to create a website using BlueVoda site builder for anyone who know the basics of computer and has basic knowledge of some software applications. Now the next step for everyone who knows how to make a website is definitely to create a website like a professional using BlueVoda site builder.

To create a website like a professional you do not have to go through a lengthy process of reading manuals, seeking professional help or attending lectures. For this purpose you just have to watch some very handy, free and easy to grasp video tutorials. These tutorials are readily available on the BlueVoda site and can also be downloaded from any other educational resource. Through these online guides anyone can create a website like a professional using BlueVoda site builder with a simple drag and drop feature along with some clicks.

If you are a professional programmer or developer you must already know the importance of homework before you start to create a website. This home work can be just a mere thought which you conceive, build and finalize in a few seconds or it can go on for days and months depending the nature, dimension and extent of the project. As soon as you’re through with your homework you are ready to create a website. Now all you need is just a simple basic knowledge and recognition of the basic icons used for different formats and programs which helps you create a website. This knowledge will help you locate the functions and the tools available to you in the toolbars of the editor and overall in enabling you to create a website professionally.

It is recommended to use BlueVoda site builder to create a website as it does not confine you to making a single page or a single website. While creating your projects you may go on and on forever. It was never so easy to create a website with any other site builder software. When you learn how to create a website using BlueVoda site builder professionally first of all you need to start with the index page and then go ahead with the further links and parts of your website. A few other thing you must keep in mind while you create a website are to give your homepage a unique and attractive title, select appropriate font size, color and style including the choice of template.

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When you plan to create a website using BlueVoda site builder professionally you must keep in mind that BlueVoda site builder is not a html editor or creator, rather it is an html builder which can be employed for building html or an already existent html code can be added to your site when you create a website. To add an html code to your site you are supposed to create it somewhere else or acquire it from somewhere else and then add it to BlueVoda site builder. These html codes would help you a lot while you actually create a website. For adding an html code in BlueVoda site builder you must click the html icon, this will put an html icon on the webpage. A double click on this icon will give you a window where you can easily add the html code for your webpage. There is also an alternate way to add an html code into your site while you create a website and that is to import an entire file containing html code. After adding this html code you can now can drop this code anywhere on your webpage which you have to make while you create a website. You can also take a look at what you have created by using the preview option.  When you create a website this preview tool enables you to take a glance at the website before it is finished.

When you create a website using BlueVoda site builder the avenues are open to explore and the options are unlimited. If you do not want to add an html code rather you want to use the complete page and later on alter it according to your requirements. As you create a website you will enjoy the possibilities BlueVoda site builder provides you as it is also possible with BlueVoda site builder to import an existing html page to your BlueVoda website. When you create a website for the purpose of importing html page go to File menu, click on New Page and then From Existing Html Page. It will open a menu where you can select the location of the Html Page in the form of Local (on this computer) or Remote (on the internet). Now you are ready to browse for the file or the link from internet explorer favorites. While looking for the html page on local computer or you may enter URL and then click import. This is how you can easily add any html page to your site while you create a website, and it’ll be available for further reformat or restructure as per your desire.

Another professional’s favorite option which BlueVoda site builder provides while you create a website is to create a template of your own using a template background. For this purpose you must to go image gallery and download templates by clicking the template icon in the bottom navigation bar. On this page you will find different sets of templates. From the time when you create a website you can select any one or all templates for downloading in the folder which you should name as template for easy reference and future use.  Now you’ll be required to unzip the downloaded folder which you may do using any of your favorite compression tool. You must decompress the templates in the same folder. To create a website with template of your own choice you are required to click on Image icon from toolbar at the top. Here you can easily locate the created template folder and use it for your requirements by adding additional stuff over the template to create a website.

Whenever you are working to create a website, besides html links the ftp links are equally important and mandatory for any site to help his users find out their desired stuff. BlueVoda site builder has given us a unique tool named as blueftp, which is again very simple to use. All you need to do is to go to Tools in the menu bar and click on Ftp Manager. The Ftp Manager will show you the Local Files on the left side of the page and the Ftp Manager Remote Files at right side of the window. You must ensure that to use this Ftp Manager you must Login first to be able to make changes to your website while you create a website. When you connect it to the server remember to select proper server IP. As soon as you are connected you will be in the root directory of the website. Here you can right click and select new folder and give it name of your choice. Start to upload files to this new folder after you have opened it. To create a website with such pages the local files are also found using the same procedure and which you can easily drag and drop to the right side page which is the remote side of the Ftp manager. This is how you can upload files and create a website. As soon as you are done with this uploading just disconnect the BlueVoda site builder for security reasons.

So at the end it is evident that BlueVoda site builder does not require any specific training or tedious procedures to create a website. Even a novice can easily create a website at his own with just a little effort.

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