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Finding the world’s best website builder is no easy task. Why I claim so, is because in my search for the best, I’ve been digging around for over a year now looking for a reliable self supporting website builder tool to create website with powerful impact. By the time I heard about BlueVoda Website builder it had already reached its 12th version, which alone went along way in proving to me that this website builder indeed should have some credibility to create website since it has reached such an advanced stage.

Having found this gem and having convinced myself that it is after all, better late than never to create website I lost no time in steamrolling towards the origination of one of the most stunning websites I have seen to date. Yes, immodesty aside I did create website that exceeded my very modest knowledge to create websites and associated techniques all thanks to BlueVoda. I now give you my take on the world’s best website builder so that you can create websites without having to waste valuable time searching for a reliable website builder tool.

The website builder tool features a small installation kit of about 4.1MB and the great news is that the program is entirely free of charge. The only string attached to the package is that once you create website using BlueVoda website builder tool, the final uploading in to the web has to be done via VodaHost, the hosting partner of BlueVoda. Since, hosting charges are an unavoidable cost whether you opt for BlueVoda or create website with an alternative option; there is hardly anything to complain about at all.

Once the BlueVoda software is installed you will encounter a terrifically user friendly interface that can be tweaked to your will. The drag and drop option in the menu bar makes life so much easier for the novice who wants to create websites. Since there is no programming involved you can safely put aside your worries about lack of HTML knowledge and other mind numbing complex programming technical knowhow and get to work with this simple and easy to understand website builder tool. Yet, a word of caution here, like in any other DIY jobs, to create website on your own you need a bit of time to get accustomed to the software instead of hoping everything will fall in to place on autopilot. If you have not heard about ActiveX Controls, Flash, Image Map, Navigation Bar (like in my case), I advise you to master some basic knowledge in handling these tools. Here again, BlueVoda makes life simpler by providing useful video based tutorials to help you create website properly.

Apart from the main menu bar, BlueVoda contains seven toolbars from HTML, Align, Standard, Advanced, Form Fields, Format to Extra Tools. Each of these tools contains different options to be used according to your expertise in handling a website builder tool. Fortunately, even a basic beginner can use almost all of these tools to customize his website. The Extra Tools option is highly useful when you want to create website with animation and variety like adding banners, ad banner rotators, image rollovers or photo galleries. Make use of the free video tutorial guidance to ensure you don’t leave any stone unturned in terms of the vast repertoire of options included with the BlueVoda website builder package.

•    Compact and easy to follow software with the best interface to create website with
•    Totally customizable and user friendly
•    Very reasonably priced hosting account with VodaHost for online visibility
•    Vast repertoire of templates and website builder tool options

•    Something that is identified as good can be perceived as a small deterrent too. Being of such supreme standard and quality one would question, BlueVoda website builder’s need to compel users to buy the hosting account instead of allowing them the liberty of uploading BlueFTP through any channel they like.

In Conclusion

If you are in the market looking for a completely innovative and effective website builder tool to create website and if you are willing to spend a few bucks on the hosting process, then BlueVoda website builder is the right choice for you. However, if you are looking to create website with absolutely no cost involved from scratch to finish, then I suggest you continue in your search without further ado since there is no guarantee of how long it will take you to fulfill the quest.

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