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How to create a professional website using a free website builder

The first I heard of BlueVoda website builder was three years ago. I was in a party with some friends when they started talking about creating a website using free website builder. I didn’t join the conversation since I didn’t know how to create website or have any idea about free software. But last month, I created my first website using BlueVoda free software. I’m happy with the website I created for it looks professional and has all the features I needed to sell my handmade products.

For the last six months I’ve been crafting cool Arumigumi dolls, caps, bags and other cool things. I have collected a lot of crocheted dolls and dresses that my friends and family suggested I sell my handmade dolls online. I didn’t listen to them when they first drop the idea on me, but 6 weeks ago I decided I need to create website. Why the change of heart? People are sending me messages on FB, asking me to make them a doll for their daughter. I sold about 10 dolls and lots of dresses in the last 3 months. So, I decided to turn my hobby into a business to support what I love doing. Anyway, I created my first website using a website builder.

Thanks to the positive feedback of my friends, I decided to create website using BlueVoda. But of course, I didn’t download the website builder right away. In fact, I did a quick research first just to make sure I’m not going to do anything that could harm my computer.  I know that some website builder have spyware or adware so research is necessary. After doing my research and asking my friends about what they think of this website builder, I downloaded the software for it is free of any spyware. I provided my email address to start the process. It didn’t even take long to download the software so I get to create website the same day I downloaded the website maker.

By the way, this website builder comes with a video tutorial on how to create website. The video explain in great details how to create website in just 1 hour or less. Anyway, after watching the video tutorial, I started browsing the homepage to get acquainted with the software features. I find even without the video, I can easily create website with this website builder because the software is so user-friendly. I know computers but I’m neither a techie nor an expert on HTML which is a relief. Why? This website builder does not need knowledge in website development and design.

I can create website even though I have no HTML knowledge. I created a professional looking website just by dragging the templates and website headers that I need then drop them into the proper place. This website builder have an image library that let me download any webpage, website headers, templates and logos I needed to create website. All the templates and everything in the image library are free to download. The website templates are pre-designed and I can create website with several web pages. But, I didn’t need to create website with so many web pages so I just used what I needed.

This website builder has features that made them the best in the market. These features are the reason I tried BlueVoda website builder. Aside from what I have mentioned earlier, this website builder allows unlimited creation of website. So, I can create website again and again for there is no restrictions. And because there are no restrictions to create website I can have more than one website if I want.

With this website builder I get to create website for my online business without paying for anything. The software is free but I needed to pay for hosting to publish my website. It is a fact that a website cannot be published without a hosting account, unless of course it’s created from a free platform. But I want a self-hosted account so I have a free rein on my website. Thankfully, I didn’t need to look for hosting because I just buy one from VodaHost, sister company of BlueVoda.

Signing up with VodaHost is worth the price because I was able to publish my website without hassle. With just one click, my website is live on the internet in seconds. I didn’t regret using this website builder to create website. Highly recommended and worth trying.

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