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Mariah is the owner of a small flower shop in downtown Los Angeles. She sells a huge variety of flowers and most of her business comes from wedding orders, party orders, and similar special occasions. Mariah is not the kind who spends hours on the Internet; in fact, she only uses the Internet to access her email and do a few, not very regular, online transactions but lately she had begun realizing that the only marketing tools she has been using were flyers and ads in newspapers and magazines and she began realizing that most of her customers are from the same locality. Mariah desperately wanted to expand her clientele, and thusly expand her business. Her friend, Alice, told her that the keyword ‘online florists’ returns over two million results on Google, the world’s favorite search engine.

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It was then that Mariah came to know of the concept of internet marketing. It was immediately apparent that the most important Internet Marketing tool is a personal website. Mariah started searching for the right tool to create website and as it turned out, not being an expert sometimes has its cons. Unaware of HTML and other terms related to design and development of online portals, Mariah felt she would end up wasting a lot of time trying to create website. She was finding it quite difficult to even understand the information on some of the websites she had found. Just when she was about give up on the DIY approach and hire a web designing company to create website, she stumbled upon the BlueVoda website builder. Mariah had no idea that an automated tool could help create website to such a massive degree. Being a florist, Mariah had a good sense of design and order, which turned out to be really important to create website with BlueVoda. Mariah explored the tutorials on the website of the BlueVoda website builder to learn how to use the BlueVoda website builder to create website.

Mariah had absolutely no prior knowledge of HTML but the BlueVoda website builder did not let her lack of HTML skills get in way as she worked to create website. She quite liked the drag and drop feature of the BlueVoda website builder and Mariah quickly learned how to use the various templates and colors to customize and create website. This WYSIWYG website maker allowed Mariah to create an unlimited number of web pages in a very short amount of time. She claims that, after learning the BlueVoda website builder system, she was able to create website in less than an hour. This website builder came with a logo maker, marquee, Flash, and a form wizard. In her business, Mariah has to keep track of her stock and as the price of flowers fluctuates every now and then she wanted a tool that could help her make changes to the website without too much complexity.

The BlueVoda website builder helped Mariah explore all the possibilities of creating an online business. Customization is important in the internet marketing world and with the help of the BlueVoda website builder, Mariah has been able to expand on her existing business, taking it to new, more exciting heights. Mariah’s website now attracts hundreds if visitors every day and many of them are converted into her clients. Mariah says she is very satisfied with the BlueVoda website builder. She believes that such a user-friendly tool can help even non-professionals create website and a really professional ones at that. Mariah vouches for this website developing tool, and even recommends it to others. Mariah has found the real potential of her business in using BlueVoda.

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