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Hello all…I am Nandita and I am from India. I am 21 years old and continuing my studies in India at the Institute of Liberal Arts. I am here to share my very first experience of when I decided to create website for myself. I have had an inner desire to be an actress from my very childhood. I’ve worked hard to be a successful and popular celebrity for a long, long time. I understood that I have to find myself an audience so they can make their own decision about me. I tried a lot, but failed to find a way to do this as I had wished. As well as this, I found it very costly to do the required promotional work. It is quite impossible for me to manage such an amount of money. I tried further to find an alternative way to perform the promotional work.

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At this moment, one of my friends suggested to me that I build website using a website maker tool and use the internet for the promotional work. I really like his suggestion about going off to create website and realized that the internet is the best place for finding some real popularity. I decide to build website using a website maker firm that should help me to communicate with others. I saw some websites on internet for the celebrities and got a few ideas about what I would need. I planned to build website that was quite simple and easy to use. In the truth of the matter, I really didn’t know how to create website.

After deciding this, I went to a website maker firm to get a quota of how much it would be to create website. I was just astonished after receiving their budget in order to create website which is so simple. I tried a lot to negotiate to build website/ create website, but failed miserably. It made me quite depressed and I had to think again about a website maker tool in order to use in order to create website for myself. That night, I did a lot of thinking and searched the internet in order to finally find a way to build website. So, there I was, looking on Internet to find a cheap website maker to complete my website. While doing this, I found the BlueVoda Website Builder which helps a lot to build website. I download the free software just to check it out; it stated that anyone can create website – even those who have no idea about coding languages – by using this website maker. Besides this, I watched the video tutorials about how to create website and really developed some confidence that I could actually build website on my own using this website maker. I started to build website and found this website maker tool really easy to use. It helped me a lot to build website in various ways. I completed the design work and integrated some features with the help of this excellent website maker. I finally managed create website and published it within three days after starting. I got a little help from one of my friends about the designing work and rest of the work was really performed by the website maker.

I had my website and had really learned how to build website and publish a website at a very low cost. I just need to pay the hosting charge to uploading my site. I use this site to communicate with my fans and also my fans can contact me via this site. I am really very grateful to BlueVoda Website Builder for making me my own website and I rate it 10 out of 10.

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