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Don wanted to learn how to make a website and indeed create website for the charity he was working for. It was small charity but they had just got their licenses and wanted to create website to attract many more donations. Of course, because they were a charity, they wanted to invest very little money.

Don downloaded the BlueVoda website builder and had been hard at work with the BlueVoda website builder for not too long at all and had in fact, in just a small space of time, learnt how to make a website himself.

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He had been able to create website in style with moving image panels, drop down menus, information request boxes and much more. All this from a man who said he didn’t know the difference between a laptop and a computer.

Don showcased his website on the BlueVoda forum asking for thoughts from the other members. He got some really good encouraging feedback and of course Don is happy because it means that his charity spent absolutely none of their donations on the create website project.

Today Don’s website has over 1000 hits a day, it turns out Don went the full way and also learned marketing techniques. He said it was all possible because of the “ how to make a website ” online tutorials that come with the BlueVoda online website builder. The online tutorials allowed him to make full use of all the features that were available on the BlueVoda website builder including implementing website marketing.

BlueVoda helped a charity to gain more publicity and they learned how to make a website at no cost at all. Don is now an active member of the BlueVoda forum and regularly helps newcomers out with suggestions when they want to know how to make a website.

So, thank you to Don for letting people know the full advantages and benefits that using the BlueVoda website builder can bring them and thank you for his contribution and advice to other members of the BlueVoda forum.

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